“A picture speaks a thousand words.
A video speaks a million”

We live in the video age. Think your prospects want to read something when there’s a video to click on? Think again. More and more people are clicking ‘play’ than ever before, and for you – the client-hungry business – it’s a fantastic way to sell, sell, sell.

The great thing about videos is the power they have to hold the watcher. The trick is to make the first 10 seconds so strong that they are drawn right in. Then with the right music, story, characters and message – plus a very attractive offer – your video can convert like crazy.


  • Killer Concept

    We’ll use our creative experience to develop the entire concept of your video. The story, characters, rhythm and style of it. With a carefully planned story arc that leads to a call to action that works.

  • Seductive Stories

    The first few seconds of your video should start with a story that your customer identifies with. The moment that happens, they’ll be hooked. Storytelling is at the heart of creativity. We love it and can’t wait to craft one for your audience.

  • Clear & Concise

    Video must be crystal clear and no longer than necessary. People love videos, but they love short videos more. We can script everything you need to say with power in the fewest words possible.

  • Charm & Character

    Your video can showcase the unique and likeable character of your brand. With charm in the script, animation, acting and music – you can instill trust and respect for your brand in the watcher. The kind of trust and respect that makes them buy.

Allow us to write a beautifully effective script for your video. We can even create the entire project from start to finish. We’ve got a talented videographer on the team, and work with some of the finest animators in town. We’ll build a video that stands you out from your competition. Drawing attention, entertaining and converting your watchers to buyers.
Give us a call now and let’s talk video.

Social Media Strategy & Management


“The choice is no longer whether to do social media or not. Only how well you do it”

Like a complex power tool, social media is only effective when used with skill and experience. With the right consistent strategy your social media activity can spread your brand name and service far and wide, and draw perfect prospects to you like moths to a bonfire.

But 95% of companies randomly throw blog posts, Tweets, Youtube videos and Facebook shares at the wall like spaghetti to see what sticks. They don’t see fast results, get discouraged and slowly start to reduce their social media activity.

Needless to say, this ain’t how it’s done. We can show you how to create the best value for your customers, which stays steady and grows over time. And which builds a loyal fan base of targeted prospects who start to buy and promote your service for you.

  • Systematize

    Success leaves clues. We’ve broken down the best companies and influencers at this social media game, and the systems they use to reach the top. We’ve used these systems and strategies for our brand, have become well-known in our industry for doing so, and now give many of our clients similar success. Let’s do the same for you.

  • Give consistent value

    Consistency is the key to long term success. When you’re there giving great content week after week, month after month, year after year, your brand and message becomes a part of your customers’ lives. This is only achievable with the best of long term strategies. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • Create a funnel

    Your social media should act in synchronized fashion, drawing people closer and closer, until they become paying customers. And then closer still. This is the inbound funnel, and we never forget that the true purpose of social media is not (just) to entertain and educate. It’s to build your bottom line.

  • Measure, tweak, improve

    A key part of social media success is carefully observing, measuring, testing and improving. It’s perhaps the least popular activity to do, and yet it’s so important. Does measuring and testing not excite you? Then let us do it for you. After all, we adore it and do it extraordinarily well.

Other marketing agencies throw social media in their mix of services because they know it’s important. But most of them lack the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to really make it work for them. Or how to achieve a solid ROI. Why? Because they haven’t mastered the process for themselves. They didn’t grow 20,000 Twitter followers in 2 years, like we did. They haven’t gotten over 3500 shares in a week for a single blog post, like we have. Their CEO isn’t known worldwide as a top social media and influencer marketing expert, like ours is. And they don’t have relationships and partnerships with Forbes’ listed social media strategists, like we do.

We can develop a killer social media strategy for you, and manage it too. Let’s de-mystify this whole area of marketing, and get you among the top of the voices in your industry. Starting today.