B2C & B2B Copywriting

“Whatever your business, whoever your customer,
you’re speaking to an individual. Always remember it”

B2C is marketing to an individual prospect, and B2B is too. When you understand the needs, fears and options that person has, your copywriting becomes devastating. With B2B it might feel like you’re speaking to a faceless corporation but the person reading your words is an individual with hopes, problems and choices of their own.

We apply the key principles of copywriting to both types of audience, to make sure the reader is gripped, engaged, and converts. Then our clients see the results.

  • Business to Business

    B2B copywriting needs a certain extra elegance in tone. You’re speaking to a CEO, CFO, CMO or entrepreneur. You’re using the same words they use every day, speaking their language, earning their trust and respect. Let us craft the perfect high class B2B marketing message for you.

  • Laser Targeting

    Both B2B and B2C allow pinpoint targeting of your prospect. This is often forgotten with B2B, where the key decision-makers within the company need to be identified and directly spoken to. A real converting feeling of trust is created half by accurate targeting, and half by skilled writing.

  • Business to Customer

    Speak the language your customer speaks and seamlessly enter the conversation they’re already having in their own mind. Heavy research, plus strong copywriting with a light touch of creativity is all you need to turn prospects into buyers with B2C copywriting.

  • Get to the Bottom Line

    Your bottom line matters most to you, and it’s the same for your prospect. Tell them how you’ll impact their bottom line and you’ll earn their attention. In B2B this is clear, in B2C it’s the same – their bottom line may be money, health, status or safety. But it’s still bottom line.

The depth of research, experience and creative flair you need for your B2C and B2B copywriting takes years to build. We’ve got all three today and we’re waiting to help you write killer copy that converts. Get in touch to learn more.

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