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“To be interesting
you have to be interestED

Wouldn’t you love to dish out fascinating blog posts and SEO articles relentlessly day after day, week after week. Well there’s a magic key to this – be fascinated by your reader.

Think of two people you had a conversation with recently. One was boring and one was very interesting. Now, which one paid more genuine interest in you – in your life, your troubles, dreams, experiences, thoughts and ideas.

I think we can safely say the interesting conversationalist was the one interested in you. And the boring one wasn’t. Simple as that.

The more you delve into the hearts, minds and lives of your readers (and customers) the better your blog posts and SEO articles get, the easier they get to create, and the more you find to talk about. You gotta be curious, and if you need help, we’re the most curious copywriters on the planet.

  • Gain Heavy Traffic

    Both blog posts and SEO articles rank incredibly well in Google, as you must know from any search you’ve recently done. We’ll create article after article which gradually rise in the rankings to page one, spreading your site and brand presence throughout your industry.

  • Funnel them to Buy

    Great blog posts and SEO articles are a cornerstone of successful content marketing strategy. The goal of which is to boost your bottom line. After all, you’re here to make money, not just to educate. We understand that and can make sure your traffic turns to profits.

  • Build Trust

    We trust people who take a genuine interest in our problems, and help solve them with clear and entertaining posts and articles, using language we understand and enjoy. You can become a thought and trust leader in your industry. Let us help you get there.

  • Be an Influencer

    Influencer marketing is the fastest way to become a thought leader in your industry. Your blog posts and SEO articles can link to and even gain content from bloggers already at the top. You scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours. This advanced strategy is our forte.

Allow us to take you to the top of Google and the top of your industry in the content world, as we have with many clients (and ourselves) before. We’ll create your strategy, research your prospects, and write posts and articles that attract prospects to your offering like ants to a picnic. We’ll also make darn sure you know how to nurture and convert those prospects. Get in touch to talk.

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