3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local London Copywriter – And Not That Foreign Fella!

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So you want to slap some excitement into those passing customers. To enchant and seduce them with magical words

You want your product or service to be the only darn thing they can think about.

They simply must have it, right now!

But where will you find a copywriter with the talent to make this happen? On Google? In Elance? Sitting under a tree?

Well if you’re based in London, the answer is right here. And once you’ve read these three reasons to go local, you’ll understand exactly why hiring a London copywriter is your best move… And how you’ll get those customers rolling in, rapido!

For those of you who are NOT based in London, keep reading. There’s a treat for you at the end too.

Reason #1: we get you. And we get your customers.

That’s right. Us Londoners will inherently understand your brand, your target audience and your tone of voice better than any overseas copywriter.

We’ll have a better insight into the kind of customers you want to target; their mentality, how they behave, what makes them tick and so on.

And there’s a certain Britishness which may well be needed in your copy tone and language style, in order to appeal to your target audience. A Britishness which can’t be replicated by a foreign writer. (Sorry, my foreign friends!).

Reason #2: nothing like a good old face-to-face meeting, don’t you think?

Yes, we all know Skype. And of course we’re very familiar with emails, Facebook, Twitter and what not.

But think about this…

Don’t you reckon you could explain yourself better and make faster progress with a face-to-face meeting? Wouldn’t it speed things up? Couldn’t you get a better feel for the personality of the copywriter you’re going to hire? Wouldn’t you trust them more than some faceless online copywriting ghost?

Like everyone else, ‘yes’ is most probably your answer.

Meet up with a local talented copywriter in London over coffee – and it will bring you great rewards. And great satisfaction.

Reason #3: same currency. Same time zone. Same standards. Same country!

I know. These seem pretty obvious, right?

But don’t overlook them.

Having all these things in common with your writer can save you time, money and a load of ball ache (excuse my French).

You’ll be able to get ahold of your London copywriter in a time that suits you. With a cheap phone call from your mobile. And pay them directly, swiftly and effortlessly into their account – without losing out on the exchange rate or with overseas transfer charges etc.

When you’ve got strict deadlines to meet, working with an overseas writer can be a hassle and sometimes a danger.

What if they just decide not to meet your deadline or reply to your emails? Will you jump on a plane and go track them down, Rambo-style? Or open up a big international court case?

Probably not.

So be cautious. Go local. And take advantage of the sea of talent you have sitting right here at your doorstep.

For creative, seductive, powerful wordplay – get in touch with your local awesome copywriters (us) today. You’ll have juicy content enchanting and seducing your customers in no time!

But what if you’re based elsewhere?

Well, fear not…

The Creative Copywriter is a small team of tight-knit freelancers based in 3 locations around the world… Two in London, two in the US and one down under in New Zealand.

We deal with clients worldwide. We collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. And our mix of personalities, styles and cultures, gives us that insight and skill to take on any copy project, with any tone of voice required, and always nail it!

And we’ll always appoint the most suitable, most awesome copywriter to your individual project. So give us a shout today – even if you live on the other side of the planet.

Go on, do it!

Want to get inside your prospects’ minds and sell more?

Download our FREE, expert eBook to unravel the mysteries of high converting copy.

Want to get inside your prospects’ minds and sell more?

Download our FREE, expert eBook to unravel the mysteries of high converting copy.

About the author

Konrad Sanders CEO & Lead Strategist at The Creative Copywriter
Hey you. I’m Konrad. A full-funnel content strategist and CEO with a pretty darn creative noggin on my shoulders. I run a team of word-slinging cowboys and strategists who blend science with art to help bold brands get their words right at every step of the customer journey. Which means? They sell more stuff and grow predictable revenue. Brands like AECOM, Thomson Reuters, TikTok, Panasonic, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, plus shedloads of tech scale-ups...and you? Let's connect.

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Great article and well written – Im a firm believer in employing locally whenever i can as i do believe it is easier if there are any problems like you mentioned but also you know they speak your language properly and not just some company trying to undercut everyone.

This is totally understandable. I often do work for many Australian companies and although I am a native English speaker, there is still a slight bridge in the communication gap that must be modified by me to better understand what the client’s needs are. There is a fine line between finding a cheap copywriter and finding someone good enough to understand the dialect and the culture itself.

Going locally is the best way to do it! I have used many overseas providers and there are some boundaries that can be overcome and others that just couldn’t be.

Don’t get me wrong – going overseas can often get you amazing results. But in some cases, if you have the right copywriter at your doorstep, there are definitely a load of added benefits.

The currency issue is my biggest thing. I understand that Paypal can take care of transferring the correct amount of money, but I like to know the totals ahead of time at a glance without having to do the conversions in my head.

I am from the states, but I still like that certain Britishness for many of my posts, especially the ones aimed towards the UK audience.

I have used copywriters from all over the world and finding the one that works for me and that I can count on in a pinch, is like finding a diamond mine in your own back yard!

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