Company Names, Slogans & Taglines

“Just do it…
I’m lovin’ it… think different – ring any bells?”

Your company name should burst with quality, character and rock-solid reliability. Something that sticks in the mind and stays, carefully chosen to fit and one day lead your industry.

Add a tagline which shouts your greatest USP with style. Which grabs and holds your clients’ attention, offering the solution they’ve been searching for in a few strong, memorable words.

And then your campaign and product/service slogans. Quick phrases which speak your values, quality of service, and again your USPs, in catchy unique expressions that sticks in your customers’ minds.

All three together are your company’s greatest marketing tools – which can do more to sell your product, service and brand than all your other selling efforts combined. If done right.

  • Have a Household Name

    Think of giant names we all hear every day – Apple, EasyJet, Virgin, Fairy, Sony, Amazon, HP, Peugeot, Fedex. The world’s top brands always started with just a name, before anyone knew who they were or what they did. We’ll intricately examine your company and industry, whittling away to find the perfect name. Including the practicalities of checking domains and trademarks.

  • Tantalizing Taglines

    Your tagline also tells your customer why to pay attention. If chosen well, it becomes permanently connected to your brand, like ‘finger lickin’ good’ is to KFC or ‘challenge everything’ is to EA. Let’s get you a tagline that turns your prospects’ heads and sticks there.

  • Sticky Slogans

    Don’t choose your slogan lightly, it’s the greatest opportunity to sing your USP. This means studying your customer in detail, your competition, and of course your company and vision. Then revealing what you uniquely offer which your customer cares about enough to choose you. And expressing it in a slogan which uses words they love to hear. Crafting slogans is an art form, let us do it for you.

  • Bullet-Proof Branding

    Your company name, tagline and slogan create the first impression of your brand. The small collection of words and phrases designed to spread through the world like wildfire. It takes care and skill to choose the right ones. Let us help you build a killer brand.

We follow an in-depth system of analysis – of you, your company, customers, competitors and industry – combined with a hefty dose of natural creative talent, to design world-class names, taglines and slogans. We can also run your entire team through a series of tried and trusted branding workshops, to help you explore your USPs, brand values, brand positioning, brand culture, brand personality and unique tone of voice.

We know how to brand. Get in touch and we’ll start to craft yours now.

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