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The Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing

Once upon a time, four fetching agency founders sat huddled around a table peppered with alcohol and caffeine-based beverages.

Their mission? To discuss marketing matters of utmost pertinence.

In this clip, Lauren Brener of Duo Creative grills me about inbound marketing strategy, with Marcus Hemsley of Fountain Partnership and Graeme Lipschitz of Wonderland Collective chiming in with nuggets of worldly wisdom.

We dig into:

  • Why inbound marketing is such an effective strategy,
  • What insights will make your content pack a more powerful punch,
  •  What kind of data should influence your content strategy,
  • How influencer collaboration can turbocharge your content marketing efforts,
  • The future of content marketing and whether the world is growing immune to it,
  • Which businesses should focus on inbound/content marketing and when.

Press play if you want your business to grow more authority, influence and sales.

And be back soon. The fourth part of our roundtable discussion is waiting just behind the curtain, ready to strut on stage.

Love you,

Konrad x

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