The Beauty of Paid Advertising

Which marketing strategy will beef up your bottom line in 2018?

Branding? Inbound marketing? Social media? Paid ads? Or a carefully crafted combo of all four?

In this filmed round-table discussion we dig deep into the realm of paid advertising, firing key questions at Marcus Hemsley from Google global award-winning agency, Fountain Partnership.

Marcus reveals;

  • What the beauty of paid advertising is,
  • How forecasting comes into the equation and why you should forget faith-based marketing,
  • Which kinds of businesses paid ads will work for and which won’t,
  • The difference between B2B and B2C paid advertising,
  • His thoughts on the big question “are paid ads becoming too intrusive?”
  • Where the future of the industry is going, in his expert opinion.

This is just one quarter of our value-packed, alcohol-fuelled round-table discussion. Keep your eyes peeled for the full two hour video [soon to be released].

It’s got Graeme Lipschitz from Wonderland Collective talking brand. Lauren Brener from Duo Creative Media talking social. Me talking inbound/content strategy. And of course, Marcus and the rest of us throwing our two (/twenty) pence into every hot topic discussed. Filmed by the talented George Nindi and his crew.

Watch, enjoy, learn and share!

Love you,

Konrad x


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