Copywriter for Hire; Set Your Conversions on Fire

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Finally! Writers Who Get Results… And the Work in on Time!

Frankly, we’re shocked at how often we hear this (but secretly delighted too).

Not because we doubt our ability to get results – it’s all we work for, as our track record proves.

But because so many clients have horror stories of other copywriters missing deadlines, not communicating clearly, or otherwise being a big old disappointment. Causing undue stress for people like you just because they can’t manage to be professional.

We’re surprised. And delighted too because for us communication is everything, and missing a deadline is not an option.

If our competition can’t keep up with the basics, that’s just fine by us.

Your Measurable Results are Our Goals

When we discuss a project, the first thing we want to hear about is your profit goals. Because helping you reach them is our benchmark for a job well done.

So if you’re looking for a copywriter for hire who can help you get to your goals quicker; let’s talk.

Whether you need sales copy perfectly matched to your market, which converts; true salesmanship in written form… Or consistent, quality educational content to build your brand as the thought leader in your market… We can help you. With creativity, strategic knowledge and a bucket load of talent.

Some of the Services We Provide are:

B2B Copywriting

B2C Copywriting

Marketing Brochures & Leaflets

Website Copywriting

Brand Strategy

Social Media Copy

– Tweeting

SEO Blog Posting

Email Marketing

Case Studies

eBooks & White Papers

B2B Content Marketing

B2C Content Marketing

Content Strategy

And if you need some help on the design front, we partner with some of the most talented designers and branding experts in the game.

Conversion-Driven Sales Copy

In business, only three figures really matter;

1. How many new prospects come into contact with your business. Either through the website, by phone, the shop door or any other route to you.

2. How many of those prospects convert to paying customers.

3. How much each of those customers is worth to you in business over your lifetime relationship.

And our copywriting always aims to increase one or all of these figures.

Whatever You Need; We’ll Give You More.

You may be seeking to attract more prospects through dynamite advertising copy, or a strong SEO presence on the web. Or perhaps by increased word-of-mouth advertising with clever referral schemes.

Or you might like to boost conversions of prospects to paying customers with world-class website copy and calls to action. With proven sales scripts for whoever answers your phone. Or with fantastic, engaging brochures and emails that build your brand, image and service in the prospects’ minds over time until they just naturally become long-lasting loyal clients.

Or maybe you’d like to increase the value your customers are worth to you, with clever upsells, or timely email and text offers that entice them back more often.

Or even copywriting that reaches out to past customers and lures them back for another taste of your goods.

Any one of these will boost your profits, but can you imagine hitting all three at once? That’s where we come in.

With us you’re more than just hiring a copywriter, you’re hiring a marketing partner. And a creative one at that.


We’ll Make Your Customers Fall Head Over Heels For You

I know – You thought Cupid’s godly talent was just a thing of Greek mythology. But the copy we create for your business is going to be so sharp, so seductive and so jam-packed full of uniquely branded personality – your target customers will be drawn to you like ants to a picnic.

Give us a shout via the contact form below and you’ll soon discover this for yourself.