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Many moons ago (aka when I was in high school), I considered pursuing a career in fashion. 

I was sketching designs and sewing basic garments, but without a pattern. 

I even had my own ‘Pretty in Pink’ moment when I designed my own prom dress.

It was a neon yellow asymmetrical top with a strawberry tulle skirt. 

When I look back at it, I cringe a bit, but it was cool in an unconventional sort of way back then.

I truly enjoyed freestyle fashion designing, but after watching countless episodes of Project Runway, I realised that if I really wanted to be a fashion designer, I had to go all out.

Meaning, know how to actually measure, use tailor’s chalk, make patterns and use the sewing machine. 

I had the dawning realisation that I enjoyed the art side of it, but not the technical side of it. 

So I eventually decided to stick to copywriting since I loved everything about it, and was willing to learn its ins and outs. And fashion was something I enjoyed and appreciated on the side. 

At some point, I was working as a fashion editor for a women’s magazine and I was able to combine both my love for writing and knack for fashion to make the most out of my experience. 

It was my perfect formula. 

Creating a series of memorable experiences gives life its moments of joy. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

If you’re into copywriting, it’s crucial to find your perfect formula. 

Whether you want to pursue it as a full-time job, a freelance job, an added skill or just a hobby on the side, there’s always something out there for you.

To help you with your search, I’ve scoured the web to share with you the best copywriting programs you should know about. 

Hopefully, one of them will have the perfect formula you’re looking for.


Copywriting Programs: Our Top Picks

For Classic Copywriting with Timeless Techniques: American Writers and Artists, Inc.

Billed as ‘The world’s most popular copywriting course’, it’s no surprise that AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting’ course is almost always on the top lists of best copywriting programs. 

The program offers a chock-full of proven copywriting secrets, tips, and techniques that have sold billions of dollars worth of products. And introduces students to all aspects of the industry, from learning the basics to launching your new career.

AWAI also has a Board of Copy Advisors that includes some of the most successful copywriters, marketers and direct response company owners in the US. So you’ll be trained by the cream of the crop.

The AWAI program is 100 per cent hands-on as well. You’ll write while you learn and get to build your own portfolio. 

Plus you can finish the course entirely at your own pace. This makes it ideal if you are working full-time or busy with other things. You can focus on the program during your spare time.

But what probably sets the AWAI copywriting program from the rest is their $10,000 challenge. Everyone who takes the program can win a $10,000 contract from AWAI, and at least one $10,000 contract is awarded each year to an AWAI-trained writer. 

That’s such a good motivation to write, right? 

It’s also a good deal, considering that the course is priced at $497 with a 365-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the course. 

And if you feel that you’re not ready for their ‘Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting’ course, they also offer other courses based on different copywriting training levels. Truly worth checking out!

For New Writers on the Block: The Writer’s Bureau

If you’re looking for something beginner-friendly that has a step-by-step approach and won’t overwhelm you, this might be it!

The copywriting program of The Writer’s Bureau is a nice introduction course and feels a bit like actually going back to school. You’ll get your homework marked and graded by a personal tutor. And you’ll even be entitled to a refund if you don’t get your grade within a fixed time.

The program will hone your writing techniques in all kinds of content, from writing sales letters to advertisement copy for radio, TV, online and print, as well as PR copy.

There are also additional resources that include tips on helping you market your services and how to get noticed by potential clients and employers. 

With over 200 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars on TrustPilot, plus a 15-day free trial offering, this program will appeal to newbies who want to learn the ropes of copywriting without taking uncalculated risks.

You will have to fill out an enquiry form on their website to find out more details about the program, including its price. 


For Exclusive Membership in a Writing Club: My Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a marketing company with their own platform offering copywriting ebooks and a 20-part copywriting course for free through the My Copyblogger section of their website. 

All you have to do is register and sign up for the ebooks.

But you also have the option to unlock premium copywriting lessons and resources through their Authority program for members.

This includes tutorial sessions, Q&As, a forum and training events – plus, they regularly introduce new features for members to keep up with ever-evolving industry trends.

With that being said, Authority is not a traditional study route and is more geared towards those who know the basics of copywriting and are perhaps already working in digital marketing or own a small business. 

While Copyblogger Authority is a membership program, for an additional cost you can become a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer (for which coursework will be required). 

The Authority yearly membership is priced at $595 per year or $55 per month. You can also take a 30-day trial with no obligation.

The only downside is that there are only limited slots per year for Authority members. At the moment, the Authority community is closed to new members. But they’re working to combine it with their Digital Commerce Academy platform.

In any case, their Copyblogger offering still stands and is free for all, so that’s a good enough alternative for now.

For Kickstarting Your Freelance Copywriting Career: The Creative Copywriter Academy 

The TCC Academy is the result of our own blood, sweat and tears. We’ve spent years honing our copywriting knowhow, so we’re proudly sharing the fruits of our hard work to the world.

If you love writing and would like to walk out of this course as a fully-fledged freelance copywriter, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s for driven people who want to make things happen by finding their niche, mastering copywriting techniques like a pro, building a portfolio from scratch, winning projects and setting up shop. 

You can take it at your own pace and there is no time limit. On average, it can be completed within 2 months. But if you’re seriously motivated and on the case, it can take a mere 10 days to get up and running.

The program is made up of 8 courses, a chockfull of activities, instructional materials and more. Specifically, it offers;

  • Methodologies, formulas and recipes broken down into digestible lessons
  • Videos, written materials, PDFs, tasks and downloads
  • 86 ‘Present, Practice and Produce’ tasks that will help you quickly get to grips with concepts, build a portfolio of work and set up your freelance copywriting shop
  • 30 downloadable ready-to-use templates and worksheets
  • Copywriting samples- both the bad and the good (for constructive comparison)
  • Crystal clear step-by-step instructions and “how-tos”

What gives our copywriting program an edge is the Academy Community, where all subscribers can post their work, get feedback from our agency’s leaders and interact with each other. 

We’ve also created A-teams where members can share their work with a small group of 10-12 in a more intimate setting. 

There are also weekly tasks and a big writing task per month with prizes such as the chance to have their blog post published on our website, and more.

For $290 (*reduced from $1197 as an early bird discount for a limited time only), it’s great value for money because not only are you learning about the nitty-gritty of copywriting but also the business side of it. Plus making game-changing connections through the Academy Community. 

Key Takeaways

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of the best copywriting programs online, it’s time for you to find your perfect formula. (Here are more freelance courses that could help you make money online).

You can now illustrate the design and create the pattern of your desired copywriting experience by choosing the program that best fits your personality, goals and lifestyle.

But before you do that, remember to: 

  • Reflect on the reasons why you want to do this. Your purpose must be crystal clear to you. 
  • Take your time when deciding. Don’t jump on to the first copywriting program you come across with just because you’re excited. You might end up wasting your time, money and energy on a copywriting program that’s not suited to your objectives.
  • Have realistic expectations. If it’s a free course, don’t expect something extremely comprehensive. And if it’s worth a lot of money, don’t invest immediately, especially if you’re only after copywriting as a hobby. 
  • Look at the value of the course. Read reviews and make use of the free trial option to ensure that you’ve made the right choice.

With these in place, everything is bound to go off without a hitch. Enjoy the experience! 




Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.


Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.

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