How to Make Your Content Tap Dance and Sing (with Analogies and Metaphors)

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Whatever industry you’re in, nobody wants to read lifeless, humdrum, jargon-filled content.

And why would they?

So your job as a blogger or copywriter is to make your writing walk, talk and breathe! (Tweet this!)

You might be aiming for a hard-and-fast sale on a landing page. Or offering valuable niche-specific tips in a blog post. Or perhaps you just want to give your Linkedin profile some extra bite.

Either way, analogies and metaphors really help to pump life into your copy and resonate powerfully in your readers’ minds. Read on for awesome copywriting tips on how to do exactly that!

But Why Do Metaphors Work So Darn Well?

Copyblogger legend, Brian Clark, tells us why ‘visual words rock harder’ in this awesome little post about the power of metaphors in blogging

Metaphors are so powerful because of one simple fact of human psychology—we react more readily to the emotional than the rational. Thanks to the differences between the two hemispheres of our brains, what catches our attention and sticks with us is what we see and feelvia our right brain. After that, the rational left hemisphere can be engaged by the relational nature of the metaphorical information itself.

Cheers Brian! Couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂

So How Can You Inject Metaphors into the Bloodstream of Your Content?

Firstly, use your imagination. Think about an analogy that reflects the message your conveying, and suits the audience you’re targeting.

Secondly, create a list of words connected to that topic. Verbs, nouns, adjectives and idioms. This old skool copywriting handbook will really help you: ‘The Analogy Book of Related Words’. Buy it!

Thirdly, practice!

Fourthly, have a good old gander at the examples I’m about to rustle up for you. And bookmark this page now – so you can come back and draw on these for inspiration.

10 Analogies You Can Borrow for Inspiration

Because I’m such a nice guy, I’ve whipped up some random examples for you to chew on. Enjoy…

1. Boxing

With our two-fisted marketing approach, you’ll catch your competition off guard with the one two punch they never saw coming!

So go on. Roll up your sleeves, spit your business worries into the bucket, and let us train you into a marketing heavyweight. Ding ding!

2. Cooking

Yep. A holiday in North Carolina will be spiced with fishing sprees, seasoned with sensational sights, stirred with salt air, baked with sunshine, and served with pleasure.

Mm mmm. Can’t you just taste those delicious, sun-dried afternoons?

3. Magic

You don’t just need great content. You need wizardly wordplay and seductive sentences, with the kind of magic that will lure your customers in and keep them absolutely spellbound.

With every word they’ll be more enchanted… More hypnotized… And more convinced that your incredible offering is about to turn their wildest fantasy into an awesome reality.

4. Relationships

GoCareer is no ordinary job agency. We won’t just find you the perfect match and send you on your way. We’ll teach you all the best pick up lines, so that you’re well and truly prepared for your interview.

If the chemistry’s not there, no worries – there are plenty more fish in the sea. We’ll keep working our socks off to find and secure you the job of your dreams – however long it may take. And then happily walk you down the aisle to a long-lasting, high-earning position.

5. Gardening

We’ve come to be known as the methodical gardeners of business strategy. We’ll help you cultivate an air of productivity, plant seeds of strategic growth, and weed out any internal complications that are slowing your business down.

So that in 2014 you can reap the rewards of an extremely fruitful harvest.

6. Fishing

Feel like you’re swimming upstream with your property searchWhen we go fishing for a bargain, our savvy estate agents will make absolutely sure that you hook the prize catch. And secure you a whale of a deal!

7. Space

Why not join our creative team and sky-rocket your career into a whole new world of media innovation?

Every single day we strive to soar beyond the boundaries of the last. To create groundbreaking new products that are out of this world. And to give promising startups the fuel they need to boost their brand into stardom.

8. Acting

When it comes to homely wholesome winter foods, nothing takes centre stage quite like ‘Heinz Vegetable Soup’.

With a great cast of homely British ingredients, hearty character, and star flavour, it always deserves a standing ovation.

Bravo Heinz.

9. Chess

The strategies on this course will teach you how to checkmate your competition! So go on

– play the right move and sign up today. You’ll be an online marketing grandmaster in less than a month.

10. Royalty

“I serve my guests the famous Boddington’s Brew, because its noble in heritage, princely in flavour, and worth a king’s ransom.
It certainly reigns supreme in the kingdom of refreshment.”

And I could go on… (But I think you get the idea).

Are you starting to see how you can set your copy on fire with metaphors and analogies?

Mastering this art will help you deliver your message with impact, and grip your readers between the teeth of your emotion-igniting sentences.

But before you practice, here are a few more meaty resources for you to feast on…

1. In her top notch marketing blog, Henneke Duistermaat delves deep into the ocean of metaphors, analogies and similes – and how you can power-charge your blog content with them. ‘How to Use the Persuasive Power of Metaphors’ is a great read!

2. Sales specialist Anne Miller wrote a whole darn book on the subject! It’s called ‘The Tall Lady With The Iceberg: The power of metaphors to sell, persuade & explain anything to anyone!’ – Definitely worth a read.

3. And here’s a nice little metaphor post-challenge, set up by those awesome guys at Hubspot. Give it a shot!

Share, Share, Share!

Go on. Share this analogy-filled blog post with all your amazing fans and followers! They deserve it.

And if you have any hot metaphors up your sleeve, share them below now!

Love you,



Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.


Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.

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Interested in Ms. Glasser’s book you recommend but it doesn’t seem to be available for under $55 (used) or $100 (new). Worth that? Do you have a close second choice? Much thanks.

PS: I see the other books on the power of using the metaphor, but I’m already a believer. Looking for a superb reference book.

Using metaphors is my favorite blogging technique.
Thank you for linking to my article, Konrad 🙂

Hello ‘hello’!
The book I referenced at the start; The Analogy Book of Related Words’ – is a really useful tool for creating powerful metaphors. As for any other metaphor-focused books other than Anne Miller’s, I don’t know any off hand. But I’ll have a look around. ‘Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words’ (by Joe Vitale) is a great all-round copywriting book. I fully recommend it!
And Hi Henneke!
No problem at all. Your blog post was awesome, thanks for dropping by and commenting on our blog 🙂

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