11 BEST Online Copywriting Courses Which Nail It! (Updated JUNE 2024)

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You’re a writer. You’re probably a sh*t hot one, too.


Sure – no doubt about it – natural writing skills are a big part of making it as a successful copywriter.


However, copywriting is as much about science as it is about art.


You need to learn proven formulas that compel, convince, and convert customers.


You have to know how to use psychological techniques to dig deep into your audience’s desires.


And you need to discover how to perfectly blend these techniques with your natural writing skills.


The problem is, the world of copywriting can be a complex and murky one if you haven’t a clue where to start.


Luckily, there are a whole host of online copywriting courses that will help you learn the tricks of the trade, learn the ins and outs of running a copywriting business, and build a winning copywriter portfolio along the way.


But first…




The internet is swamped with information on copywriting.


But it’s in bits and pieces. A blog post here, a follow-up blog post there, and some AI-written nonsense in between. 


With information dotted around like that, it’s nearly impossible to know whether you’re covering everything.


And even if you do manage to spend a ton of time combing the internet for actual valuable articles with actual accurate information, you most likely still won’t come away with the full picture.


To give you the best chance of success, you need to find a value-packed copywriting course that’s geared towards getting you up and running.


Here’s why you need a course:


  • Copywriting goes hand in hand with marketing. This means you need to have a thorough understanding of marketing and how it applies to copywriting.
  • Copywriting is a BIG area. And the techniques that apply will vary depending on the purpose of the copy you’re writing. A copywriting course will delve deep into the techniques so you can be sure you’re using them correctly for the copy you’re creating.
  • You need to trust the educational material. Anyone can knock up a blog post about copywriting, but with a copywriting course, you can suss out their credentials and accreditations so you can feel confident about the source you’re learning from.


Good question!

AI is more and more becoming a part of people’s daily lives, and copywriting is no different. 


But the smart copywriters out there are using AI as a tool to improve their processes, not getting AI to write their copy for them. And because of this, the best copywriting courses out there will encourage you to embrace AI, not be afraid of it. 



Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together a list of the best copywriting courses out there, so you can make an informed decision and kick-start your copywriting career as soon as possible.





Are you looking to focus on B2B and SEO content? If so, then Success Works could be the course for you. They have the lofty title of being the first-ever agency to specialise in SEO and happen to be the founders of the first SEO Copywriting Certification program, way back in 2010.

It focuses on skill writing for web and social media, centring on keyword research, persuasive copy that converts, and importantly, measuring success. It’s run by Heather Lloyd-Martin, who is hailed by Forbes as ‘the pioneer of SEO copywriting’.

The Promise: This course will help you take command of all things SEO copywriting. You’ll learn to optimise pages the correct way, write high-positioning copy and improve search visibility.

The Length: A manageable 3 months.

The Location: Wherever you may be – it’s completely online.

The Qualification: SEO Copywriting Certification Program.

The Cost: $995.


  • It’s founded by an SEO expert
  • You can complete it online, so it’s super flexible
  • You will learn all things SEO and writing for web


  • You will only learn about SEO-geared copywriting. Areas like branding and marketing won’t be covered (and they’re pretty important!)
  • It’s costly – almost a grand for 3 months is a hefty sum


The Copywriting Course The Creative Copywriter Academy

We couldn’t let this post slide without giving our very own TCC Academy a mention. We’ve spent years honing our copywriting knowledge, so we thought it would be rude not to share it with the world. 

The Promise: The Copywriting Kickstarter Course takes budding copywriters through the whole ‘getting started’ journey. No more combing the internet for ‘how-to’ blog posts, you will have everything you need by the end of the course. From marketing fundamentals to advanced copywriting techniques, to bookkeeping and invoicing to winning gigs, you’ll be ready to take your freelance copywriting business into the world.  

The Length: It’s self-paced learning, so we’ll leave that up to you.

The Location: Wherever you reside in the world.

The Qualification: You’ll come away with a certificate of graduation.

The Cost: $290

The Pros:

  • You’ll truly learn everything you need to know about freelance copywriting from the ground up
  • It’s great value for money and you could see the ROI come in with your first copywriting gig
  • It’s self-paced and flexible, so no need to rush the course
  • You get real-time feedback from our in-house copywriting experts, as well as bi-monthly ‘office hour’ sessions where anyone can grill our copywriters on anything to do with copy
  • You get free access to a community of like-minded budding copywriters, where you can share experiences, get a ton of extra valuable content, and get feedback from the copywriting pros
  • While you’re encouraged to embrace AI, you’re also recommended to learn the basics before diving into all things ChatGPT

The Cons:

  • Those who want to always adhere to deadlines might prefer a course with stricter rules in place


The ‘IDM Award in Digital Copywriting’ is an in-depth delve into the psychology of copywriting for web. It looks at how writers can use emotional drivers to motivate people and how to master the art of persuasion across all channels.

As one of the premier marketing institutes in the UK, this course has access to the most experienced tutors in the business, and the prestigious IDM stamp of approval.

The Promise: By the end of the course you’ll understand and apply the advanced techniques and drivers that help you plan, write, and review copy that really engages, persuades, and sells – whatever the medium.

The Length: A two-day, face-to-face session that’s jam-packed to say the least.

The Location: Central London and Edinburgh.

The Qualification: You come away with 7 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours. CPD is part of a programme across multi-industries and educational institutions that lets students relax in the knowledge that the course has the gold star stamp of approval in terms of structure and content.

The Cost: £1200 for non-members

The Pros: 

  • IDM are a prestigious name so you can put your trust in their teachings
  • You earn CPD points which can be put towards other qualifications

The Cons:

  • This is currently being delivered digitally, so those wanting face-to-face learning won’t be able to take this right away
  • It’s expensive for two days. It’s tricky (impossible) to learn everything you need to know in that amount of time


The Copywriting Course by CIM prices

CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) is one of the most reputable marketing bodies in the UK, and they offer a Copywriting Masterclass. It covers a wide breadth of topics with best-of-class trainers, quality delivery, and small class sizes.

The Promise: The masterclass will teach you advanced copywriting techniques that help marketers achieve tangible cut-through in today’s competitive landscape: covering tone; content; mediums; audiences; copy-stream management and more.

The Length: A two-day masterclass.

The Location: London (UK).

The Qualification: A CIM Certificate in Copywriting. CIM are a recognised and trusted marketing industry awarding body in the UK.

The Cost: £1099


  • CIM is always at the helm of marketing knowledge across the board, so you will be getting the most up-to-date materials
  • It covers a breadth of topics, including marketing know-how


  • Again, it’s expensive for two days of learning
  • You will struggle to get a comprehensive understanding of all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to be a successful copywriter


Old hands at the whole marketing and advertising game, eMarketeers.com are experts at helping you get your foot firmly on the copywriting ladder.

There’s a wide choice of options, but their ‘Writing for the Web’ course is the one for those of you who want to progress in the digital world.

The Promise: They promise to demystify ‘online techno-babble’ – so it’s a perfect fit with anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lifetime slogging through jargon. You’ll come away knowing research-based best practice that has been shown to improve web page and email marketing performance by over 100%.

The Length: A value-packed one-dayer.

The Location: London

The Qualification: A ‘Certificate in Copywriting’, so although not a recognised awarding body, it will still be impressive to employers.

The Cost: £499


  • You’ll be an expert at writing for the web
  • The entire course is based on research and stats, so you can have confidence that you’re getting the most current information


  • Web copy is only one string to a copywriter’s bow – why limit yourself?
  • £499 for a one-day course is super expensive…and your copywriting knowledge will be minimal


Landing page image for Copywriting Course AWAI

AWAI’s ‘Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Course’ holds an alluring promise and comes from the brain of one of the most hugely successful copywriters, Mark Ford (pen name Michael Masterson).

The Promise: You’ll walk away from this a practising copywriter with a winning portfolio. Not only that, you’ll be fully versed in direct response copywriting and will be an insider to all the trade secrets to creating lucrative, persuasive sales copy.

It’s essentially a mammoth course handbook, full of copywriting treasures. You have access to tutors who will talk you through the book, but you can take it at your own pace. You’ll also have to get involved with two written assignments that receive critique and tips from the experts.

The Length: This depends on you, really. You can steam through this course, or take it slowly.

The Location: Anywhere, it’s all carried out online.

The Qualification: Not officially accredited, although through the roof on professional knowledge.

The Cost: $495


  • It’s fairly comprehensive on techniques. But you don’t get advice on ‘setting up shop’ and the logistics of running your own freelance copywriting business
  • Mark Ford is a renowned copywriter, so learning from him is a big plus point
  • You can learn from home at your own pace


  • You only get feedback on two assignments, and with feedback being such a vital part of the learning process, you won’t fully understand if your copy is hitting the mark
  • You don’t have access to a community of like-minded peers


This Copywriting course is perfect for those who want to get expert advice straight from the horse’s mouth. All of the tutors on this course are seasoned copywriters themselves, which means you’ll be getting hints and tips about what really works – not just the theory.

You’ll be taken through 11 different interactive assignments, designed to cover different aspects of copywriting. With full email support from an individual tutor, you can be sure you won’t be left stranded if you get stuck.

The Promise: You won’t just learn how to become a well-rounded copywriter, you’ll also discover how to run your own freelance business with a focus on searching for and winning jobs.

You’ll also be added to their database of writers with an opportunity to receive actual paid jobs along the way.

The Length: It’s completely flexible time-wise so take it as you come.

The Location: Completely 100% online.

The Qualification: A National Diploma in Copywriting.

The Cost: This varies depending on where you are in the world, but it will be around £1,091.


  • You will get a Diploma at the end for your efforts
  • You will learn how to run a freelance business
  • You’ll be added to their writer database


  • The course isn’t written up in the most digestible way
  • You won’t learn how to market yourself as a freelance copywriter


This course comes from experienced copywriter, Carmine MasterPierro.

It delves deep into the world of sales conversion copy, which is one of the trickiest areas to master.

The idea behind the course is to work smarter, not harder. So Carmine takes you through the conversion copywriting techniques that will amp up your sales copy, whether it’s social ads, sales letters, landing pages, etc.

The Promise: You will learn how to tackle any industry and client and write hard-hitting conversion copy that hikes up their sales.

The Length: It’s completely flexible time-wise so take it as you come.

The Location: Online – wherever you may be.

The Qualification: Not officially accredited, but Carmine shares his tried-and-tested formulas and knowledge.

The Cost: Around $1,997+


  • Carmine is a seasoned copywriter, having written for Forbes, GoDaddy, and a ton of other glowing credentials
  • You will learn how to nail direct response and conversion copywriting
  • Each lesson has a task so you can measure your progress along your journey


  • You will only learn sales conversion copy, not the other tips and techniques for copywriting across the board


This Professional Copywriting course is aimed at marketing and communications professionals who want to improve their copywriting skills. It takes you through how to understand your audience, getting to grips with branding and corporate identity, how to write effective headers and taglines, and writing for different media.

The Promise: You will learn how to merge copywriting skills with your existing marketing knowledge, adding an extra string to your professional bow.

The Length: One-day course.

The Location: Online (for now), but also London and Bristol.

The Qualification: Not officially accredited, but will still look great on a CV!

The Cost: Around £395


  • It’s great for marketing professionals who already have an understanding of the basics, but want to build on their existing knowledge
  • You get telephone support from experienced tutors


  • It’s expensive for a day course
  • It’s not suitable for writers who are completely new to the world of marketing
  • You can’t learn what you need to in one day


This is a comprehensive course with its own budding community of copywriters you can belong to, way after the course has finished.

It takes you through the ins and outs of how to write copy that sells, how to create valuable content and how to become a copywriter in the real world.

The Promise: You will learn how to ‘communicate better at scale’. It contains all the training the company has ever made in one big format – so it’s pretty comprehensive. It also has a full community where your copy is reviewed by professional copywriters.

The Length: However long it takes you!

The Location: All learning is carried out online.

The Qualification: A formal ‘copywriting course certification, with a stamp of approval you can use on your own marketing materials.

The Cost: A subscription-based model with options of $291 per 3 months, or $750 per year.


  • It covers a vast area of copywriting, including emails, sales copy and ad copy
  • You get access to a copywriting community
  • Your questions are answered throughout the course as well as your copy reviewed


  • The course isn’t written in a digestible way
  • You won’t learn the full breadth or marketing and branding fundamentals



The Copywriting Course also offers a completely free introduction to basic copywriting. All you need is 32 free minutes, a pen and paper, and a readiness to learn. 


Check it out here



Udemy are a powerhouse for courses on demand. They’ve got a whole plethora of courses from learning languages to learning how to play the guitar in 21 days. 

Their copywriting course is based around the blend of art and science of copywriting, armed with comprehensive worksheets and writing templates to ease your learning. 

The Promise: You’ll learn how to ‘strategically deliver words that get people to take action using the art of science and copywriting’. The course gives you lifetime access and provides over 90 downloadable resources with 7 hours of on-demand video content. 

The Length: The content adds up to 7 hours and 7 minutes. But it’ll take you longer as you complete the practice tasks. 

The Location: It’s fully online so you can learn whenever and wherever! 

The Qualification: You’ll get an official ‘Certificate of completion’ when you’re all done. 

The Cost: A one-off charge of £54.00 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • It covers a wide range of common copywriting skills and projects, like landing pages, social media copy, and short-form copy
  • It breaks down the difference between B2C and B2B copywriting and how the writing styles might differ
  • The price is pretty affordable


  • There’s no feedback so you can’t tell if your learning is sinking in
  • Just over 7 hours of content won’t be enough to get a full understanding of the topics covered
  • Great for beginners, okay for intermediates, but not much for people looking to expand their knowledge past that


There you have it – a comprehensive list of the best copywriting courses in the lands. 

But how can you make sure you know exactly which one is right for you before you take the plunge? 

Let’s take a look. 


How to choose the right copywriting course for you

Picking the right course can be a bit of a headache – especially if you’re completely new to the game.


If you’re not even 100% sure what exactly copywriting is, how are you supposed to find your copywriting needle in the big old course haystack? 


Here are the top three things we think you should consider when choosing a copywriting course. 


Consider what you want out of copywriting 

The first (and maybe most important) question you need to ask yourself is – what exactly do I want out of a copywriting course? 


Do you want a general overview of the profession and a course focused on the basics?


Do you want to learn how to set up your own business and be a freelance copywriter?


Do you want to just dip your toes into the copywriting waters and figure out if it’s for you?


There’s a whole bunch of questions you need to ask yourself before you take the plunge, especially if you’re edging towards one of the more expensive courses. But once you have at least an idea of the answer to these questions, you can start making a more informed decision. 


Figure out how you learn best

Nobody learns in exactly the same way. 


Some like to listen to music and read about a topic, others like to get their hands dirty and learn on the job. Some like to learn at their own pace, others need harsh deadlines and someone at their back pushing them forward. Some like to have direct feedback on their work, others like to learn through osmosis. 


No matter how you like to learn, there will be a course out there that suits you. So once you’ve figured that out, you can narrow down your options by filtering out some of the courses that don’t match your method of learning. 


Think about your budget

Unless you’re literally made of money and are some form of medical marvel, then you’re probably going to want to decide on a realistic budget. 


It’s a fine balance between finding a course that offers a lot of value, and not blowing your life savings on a course that might not even be the right fit for you. 


Our top tip is to look for a course that offers a money-back guarantee. That way, you can try it out for a few days and see if it’s gelling with you – so you can go without the stress hanging over you of potentially having to fight tooth and nail for your cash back.


Go forth and learn the art of copywriting

If you’re new to the copywriting game, or specialise in one area and not sure where to expand your horizons, it’s worth checking out our post ‘The Best Tool for the Job: Which Copywriter Do You Need?


Although aimed at your potential employers, it gives a pretty handy breakdown of the different types of copywriter you could become.


Got any burning questions? Pop ’em in the comments below and we’ll have a digital chinwag.


Love you,



P.S. Love how we’ve written this list? Why not learn how to write from our expert copywriters.

Check out the Creative Copywriter Academy course here.


Strap in for some good news – you don’t need any formal qualifications to become a copywriter. Sure, many successful copywriters have degrees in English, Communications, Journalism or similar, but it’s far from a prerequisite. (A good copywriting course can be all you need to sharpen your writing skills and become a fully fledged freelance copywriter.)

However, having a solid grasp of written language is a must. As is a penchant for prose, a bit of creative flair, and a willingness to get under the skin of your audience and the product or service you’re writing about.

No word of a lie, copywriting can be a pretty lucrative business. But the exact amount you earn can vary wildly depending on your experience, the industry, and who you’re writing for. Freelance copywriters can charge by the project, by the hour, or even by the word. According to Glassdoor salaries, as of 2023, the median pay for copywriters was around $50,958 per year – but remember, top-tier copywriters can earn six figures!

Learning copywriting is kind of like learning to play the guitar – you can learn the basics pretty quickly, but to truly master it, you’ll need time, practice, and dedication. For many, a few months of intense learning is enough to get the fundamentals down, but it’s the experience of different clients and projects that truly sculpts a copywriting pro.

Yes! Anyone who has a decent grasp of language, a bit of creativity, and a willingness to learn can become a copywriter. However, like any job, it does require effort and dedication – as well as an understanding of your audience and the product or service you’re selling. If only there was some kind of course that could get you started…

Successful copywriters are like chameleons: able to adopt different tones of voice for each client, and able to delve into a range of industries and topics. Unsurprisingly, you need excellent written communication skills, and a good understanding of grammar and stylistic choices. But you will also be creative, have killer persuasion skills (you’re often selling something, after all), and have the ability to handle feedback and rounds of amends.

Perhaps we are a little biased, but for most, yes. If you’re serious about becoming a copywriter, a copywriting course can help you understand the basics, learn the different types of copywriting, and give you an idea of what the industry demands. Some can even help you get started winning clients and teach you how to run your business: from invoicing correctly to showcasing your work. Many courses also offer certificates which can add some weight to your CV, especially if you’re starting with no experience or degree.

Simply put, a copywriter writes marketing copy, with the goal of persuading their audience to take a particular action. This might be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or simply engaging with a brand. You’ll find copywriters behind ads, websites, brochures, emails, blogs, social media posts… the list goes on.

Absolutely! Many copywriters work on a freelance basis, allowing them to choose their own clients and projects, set their own rates, and often work from wherever they want. However, freelancing also comes with its own set of challenges, like finding clients, managing your time effectively, and handling your own taxes.

The need for copywriters isn’t going anywhere. As long as there are products and services to sell, and platforms to sell them on, there will be a need for skilled writers. Even with the rise of AI, gifted writers will still be needed to apply the human touch to copy and come up with truly novel ideas that ensure brands and organisations are able to stand out from everyone else.

Copywriters are always in steady demand. Businesses all over the world are constantly on the lookout for ways to stay relevant and engaging online. And they need talented writers to help them hit the first page of Google, and spin words that entertain, grip and inspire action. According to LinkedIn there are over 2000 copywriter jobs currently being advertised in the UK alone (as of June 2023) – now that’s high demand in anyone’s book.

Everyone has to start somewhere. But the first step is usually finding out what exactly it is that you don’t know. Start by learning the basics, either through self-study or a copywriting course. Then, practice, practice, practice. Write samples, start a blog, or offer to write for free for a local charity. Build a portfolio to showcase your skills, and then start applying for jobs or freelance gigs. (It’s as simple as that!)

And remember, every piece of copy you write makes you a more experienced copywriter than you were before. So get writing!


Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.


Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.

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Yes I do Leslie – try ‘Hypnotic Writing – How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words’ by Joe Vitale. It’s a banger! Also try ‘Confessions of an Ad Man’ by David Ogilvy. This is a classic, and still remains one of the best to this day.

Heey Laura! I’ve checked with Kon and he still loves the previous ones mentioned. But he did add some additional recommendations: Oglivy on advertising and the Psychology of Persuasion.

Thanks for this review! Do most of these courses, such as The Creative Copywriter course (or others) go over how to pick your niche and allow you to focus on topics you are interested in writing?

I have heard some good things about the Blackford Center and that it is a very comprehensive course of study. Your listing of it here helps to reassure me that it is worthwhile and something I should try.

Hey Konrad,
I think at one time I thought about taking a writing course because I was writing a lot of articles back then and knew that I could probably do a lot better with them. I never really considered myself a good writer although people have always told me I’ve got a way with words.
As my writing has progressed I’m fine with it now but I have no desire to be a copywriter in the respect that I want to hire myself out for work. I don’t enjoy writing that much, mostly just blogging now. I think with everything I’ve got going now it’s not even on my radar anymore.
Interesting though so thanks for the scoop on that.

Thanks for dropping by the blog Adrienne!
Yes, you really have to be passionate about writing to do it full-time. As a copywriter, some jobs are obviously more interesting than others. But thankfully, being ‘the creative copywriters’ that we are, we get a lot of the exciting ones sent our way.
But sometimes what I love the most, is just blogging about what I want to blog about. It’s that complete freedom to explore unknown creative or linguistic territories – with no brief to follow or project manager breathing down my neck. I’m definitely going to make more time to knock up fabulous blog posts in the near future and distant future. So watch this space 🙂

Hello Konrad,
I want to get into copywriting big time. I work with an Advertising Agency and have rather working knowledge of copywriting. If you have an assignment at hands can you share it with me. I’ll spend some time doing it and will share my copy with you. That way you can give me your inputs on how am I doing, what needs work and so on. You can give me a live assignment may be some of my thoughts will add to your existing thoughts!
That way, you will have an additional brain on your side and I will have a seasoned veteran giving me inputs on my copy…
Look forward to hearing from you.

I want to be an expert in copywriting.I love writing though i lack good handwriting.I love typing but lack speed & typing skills.I love word games but have no interest for big grammars.I’m also a novice in copywriting & ur advice/plans for me will be highly appreciated

Everything on this website is just so darn useful! Thank you.
I have a quick question though. Do you know of any copywriting courses that can help me copywrite in English for an audience that has English as their second language? It is a tricky one as obviously not only the audience´s level of English but also their culture and their mother tongue would dramatically influence their interpretation of the copy.
If you could shed some light, I would be very grateful.

Very good question Sam. We have to do some copywriting for English-language learners, and you always have to be extra mindful – especially of colloquialisms, idioms and phrasal verbs which they are unlikely to know. And that’s hard!
As for a course on this specifically… I don’t know one off-hand, but will keep an eye out. If you come across anything yourself, please come back and share it here! Cheers

thank you for this. i used to be an in-house copywriter back when i was in the philippines and looking back, i have to accept that it was my best work ever (because it didn’t feel like work and was more like a way of life). i decided not to pursue it when i came to canada because i had other things in mind – mainly to build a family. though i am still happily married to the same husband who brought me here almost 15 years ago, we never had kids and i am just living a ho-hum life of a dispensable clerk in an insurance company. i survived two take-overs and am living on a not-so-bad clerk’s salary and the promise of a little pension when i get too old and creaky, but i have to admit that i still miss copywriting (especially when i get reminded of how my job is just sucking the life out of me.) there’s this big chunk of my heart that is raring to copywrite again but with a rusted out experience, i honestly don’t know how and where to start anew.
now, i am in that desperate mood again and perhaps, this is all i need to get my foot back at the door again. who knows what other portals i would to discover, right?

Go for it Elaine!
You only live once, right? And in my opinion, the need for copywriters is stronger than ever before. Compelling content is what every business needs to survive online these days.
But saying that, you need to know how to promote yourself and compete with those other hungry copywriters. A course like these might be a good way in.
Good luck!

Great article. It’s really good to see a copywriter who not only is successful, but is more than willing to share what made it so. Too often people hold the keys to the doors and don’t want to share what got them there.
Thanks Konrad!

Giving your secrets away is the key to content marketing Jay. It builds trust and establishes you as a thought-leader… Sure, you might not make a sale on the spot. But next time you need to hire a copywriter, hopefully my name will pop into your head 🙂

I just came across your site and am fascinated. The prop you said would appear was rather meteoric. It vanished before I could enter my email address. Please I want to know more about Bathford copy writing courses.

Are any of the courses U.K.centric? I.E. does the course content skew too much toward the European market or will we prospective American Copywriter’s find them just as useful/helpful? Or is there perhaps a better course for we in the States to take?

I think each tries to accommodate for a worldwide audience. In general, as a copywriter, you need to be prepared to write for different audiences (and a worldwide audience), especially in this digital age. And the underlying principles of copywriting will be the same, wherever you learn them – but when you come to crafting the copy itself, you’ll just have to be aware of UK/US spelling and phrasing. Good question, Evan

Hi Tristan – yep. Just follow the link to the Blackford Centre’s Course. And when you order it, do so via email or a phone call and quote “The Creative Copywriter”. They’ll give you 10% off!

Very interested in copy writing. Hope to find a credible course worth my time, efforts and financial investment. I would like information as to what you offer to prepare me for this career.

Hi Kate – we don’t run courses I’m afraid (apart from in-house training days with companies). But if you come back to us once you’ve mastered the art, and we may have some work for you 🙂

This is all amazing stuff, great stuff. You nailed it. I enjoy how you just play with the words in a slightly colloquial and chilled tone to put across such helpful information. Your effort is not in vain.
You’re awesome man!

Hi Kondrad,
My interest in copywriting is for the purpose of sales and marketing in my expanding fitness concept 02 Fuel fitness systems and how to effectively win over clients through the web by hitting emotional hot buttons and triggering an ” I need to buy now” feeling.
At first thought to be honest. I thought that by offering 3 different courses and being biased to your favourite was a copywriting sales tactic to indirectly persuading the reader to purchase the 3 rd option (your fav) by quite masterfully staring options 1 and 2 are second and 3rd best and as we all know everyone wants the best, so naturally everyone will gravitate to the 3rd option. Maybe I’m reading to deep but well played if that was your intention (especially with “the closer” and you will get an additional 10% off the already low price. Anyway which course is right for me for what I am looking for as I stated earlier..thank you.

Informative post, Konrad! I’m new to copywriting and I have finally decided to focus on copywriting.
I see both Blackford and Writers Bureau has a ton of information where the course outline is concerned, but since you can attest to the course from Blackford Centre, think I’ll go with Blackford (accreditation, help to set up your own business subsequent to the course etc)
I was wondering if I will be able to qualify for the discount even if I pay via installment (5 part payment)
I’m excited to start the course and I do hope that despite I’m from the Caribbean my earning potential is not limited to local clients, but I can get clients worldwide as well, thus increase my earning potential

Hi Kerry – you’ll have to ask the Blackford centre yourself. But yes, they should be able to offer you the discount. Just quote ‘The Creative Copywriter’ and they’ll give you 10% off. But you’d need to do so via phone or email. I.e; don’t book it online without talking to anyone. Good luck!

Hey Konrad,
I’m looking into being more active with my creative writing and I’d like to try my shot at copywriting after mastering the screenplay format. Is The Blackford Centre still offering their spectacular courses at their gracious 10% off prices?
Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi, Konrad! I was just reading your post, and was wondering if you’ve ever heard of a
copywriting school called American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI). Currently, I’m a
truck driver since 2003 – 12 Years! And I thought I’d only be doing it for three – and I
am in much need of a change in occupation. I need a career that I can sink my teeth
and creativity into, not just another job, and one that pays much better than what I
currently have. Anyway, I was curious about what you knew about AWAI and, in your
opinion, if they are a good and reputable school. Are they as good as the Blackford
Center, or should I look elsewhere for my training? Thank you for your time and

Blackford doesn’t seem to offer a money back guarantee. Also, why was
their last Twitter post in 2014? You sure they’re still around?

HI..thanks for the best information. i am a beginner in copy writing and i want to join online course. but i can’t afford any paid course..so please suggest me any free courses as i am really interested in copy writing.

Obviously some good writing on your part, Konrad. This posts has legs, doesn’t it? 🙂
Thanks for the direction and I look forward to checking out more of your posts!

Thank you for your advice, Konrad!
I am a physicist, now working as a school teacher and … I am Italian!
I used to write/talk in English during my PhD and so I would like to have a look into the technical writing/creative copywriting world.
But … as a first step, I am taking an English language certification. Which one would you suggest? Maybe Cambridge Advanced (CAE) or IELTS (Academic version)?
Thank you for sharing your experience/knowledge, I’ll keep following you!
Simone (Mr!)

Hi Konrad,
I have absolutely no backround in copywriting / design / branding – I’m actually a lawyer by profession, but I am massively interested in making a career change, to Copywriting. Where would you advise somebody like myself make a start? Books? One of these courses? I’d appreciate any feedback you may have for me.

Hey Sharyn,
Give this post a read for starters: 75 tips to make you a copywriting badass
I share some great books in there which will give you a massive kick in the right direction. And a course like the Blackford one certainly won’t hurt your chances! The benefit of a course like that over purely learning from books – is that you’ll get actual copywriters reading your work and giving feedback.
Good luck!

I’ve done it ! I have been toying with the idea for a year now , I have finally signed up for the Blackford Centre course in copywriting, it was your post that helped me make my final decision. I run two businesses one with my partner, I do all our social media, advertising, website work (including design, self-thought), so I thought why not get a qualification and a better understanding of what I’ve been trying to teach myself with some success and some fails. Thanks and watch this space 🙂

Hi Mr. Konrad,
Kindly help me to avail 10% discount at Blackford Centre for Copywriting course.
Best regards,

Hey Konrad,
Thank you so much for such a rich amount of information about copyrighting. I am a complete novice and this answered all of my basic questions. I am interested in the course from the Blackford Centre and wanted to know if they are still offering the 10% discount?

Hi Phylicia,
Yes they are. You would need to sign up for the course via email or phone, though (not directly online) and quote ‘The Creative Copywriter’ when you do so.
Good luck! It’d be great to see you portfolio when you’ve finished.

Hi Konrad,
I do a lot of video marketing for my company. I do all of the production work, from pre-production, to photography, to editing. However, we don’t have a copywriter or a script writer. I can usually write something that would work for the video, but I’ve always felt that my writing could be much better.
Any suggestions for some good writing for video seminars, conferences, or classes I could look into?
Thanks for the help!

Hi Konrad! Thanks so much for your post. I’m a writer who is looking to break into the copyrighting biz, but have been at a bit of a loss on how to best go about doing that.
I’m looking at the Blackford Centre’s course, but had a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer for me first: 1.) It looks like they are based in the UK, as a US citizen, do you know if their certificate is recognized here? 2.) Is the promo code still valid? If so, is there another way to obtain it without it being emailed? I can’t seem to make the pop up form recognize my email as a valid address.

Hey Chelsea. Thanks for dropping by.
When you buy the course, you just need to quote ‘The Creative Copywriter’ and you’ll get 10% off. But you’d need to do so via phone or email, rather than booking it directly online.
Regarding the certificate and if it is recognised in the US: good question. I’ve asked them myself, and am awaiting a reply and will drop the answer on here as soon as I get it – but feel free to shoot them a message. They’re nice!

Hi Konrad,
Thank you so much for the post! wondering if you have heard from Blackford yet about their certificate being recognized in the US?

Scrap that. They did, in fact, reply – and here is their answer:
Hi Konrad
I hope you’re well? Thanks for your email.
For learners in the UK/Europe and rest of the world, the course accreditation is with ABC Awards – who are regulated by Ofqual and the Welsh Government. So this course doesn’t have US accreditation but it is a UK accredited course.
‘Recognised’ is a bit of an odd word because yes it would be recognised by employers, but not by educational establishments (probably) and if you’re looking to be self employed it is very unlikely anyone would ask – but if they do you can evidence it.
The certification page is really handy to give prospective learners a bit more information: http://www.inst.org/copy/copywriting_accreditation.htm
We don’t have the accreditation page for the US sites, as it tends to muddy the waters. It might be an idea to suggest the learners contact Support for a more thorough response.
Hope this helps.

Hi Konrad!
A deliberate search brought me your way and I’ve got a feeling that I am right on the journey I’ve been so passionate about-Writing as a biz. Thanks for your post.
I’ve loved writing from childhood (though for fun and test of word power) but have never been definite on the category of writing (as an id). My current schedule as a Staff Officer in a paramilitary organization demands writing a whole lot of high-profile correspondences, articles, memos and proposals which I so much enjoy.
As a greenhorn in this field of writing I intend to enroll for the Blackford Center’s course
Is the promo code advertised still valid?
What more do I need to know about this course/how it should run
What is the cost?
Thanks again

Hi Konrad, it’s great to see you still getting comments & responding over 2 years down the line on this!
I’m torn between 3 courses to try & Blackfords is one of them. Does it cover on-line copy writing well? Stuff like SEO, about pages etc as another copy writer who completed the course felt it was a bit light in that department. What are your thoughts?
Cheers mate.

Hi Konrad! Thanks so much for your post. I’m a student who is looking to break into the ad agencies.
I’m looking at the Blackford Centre’s course, but had a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer for me first: 1.) It looks like they are based in the UK, do you know if their certificate is recognized here? 2.) How to get the full details about course?

Hi Konrad,
Great write up on the copy writing courses. I’m very interested in taking the Writer’s Bureau course, but want to confirm that it’s the best course for my situation.
I am relaunching my career after being out of the work force for almost 10 years. My background is in advertising/marketing and currently I am an awesome mom to almost 6-year old twins. My goal is to improve my writing skills to sell or promote a product either online or off line. Would this be the best course for me? Thanks.

Hi Konrad,
I’m a little late to the game and I notice there are many copy courses out there now. Any updates or thoughts on some of these other courses?
Specifically, The Copy Cure or AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting
“The world’s most popular copywriting course” ?
Thanks for any insight.

Hey Konrad – I”m a complete beginner and looking for a career change from teaching. Is this course suitable for complete beginners?

Having recently been made redundant from a marketing role I thought that whilst I search for my next role I would also try and up-skill myself. I am keen on learning more about the Blackford Centre Diploma and aim to read more about it before committing to study. With not having a job at the moment the 10% discount would be fantastic. The pop-up box didn’t appear and I just wanted to reach out and see if you know whether that offer is still going ahead?
Many thanks for summarising such great training courses.

Hi Konrad! Love all the advice. I’ve just sent an email also! I’m looking to become a copywriter but I’m torn between Blackford and the college of media and publishing. Is Blackford mainly on becoming freelance or will help with agencies/companies too? I’m totally between which I’ve has the best reputation! X

Hi Abi,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
I don’t know too much about the College of Media and Publishing one – but yes, the Blackford one is more tailored towards becoming a freelance copywriter and building your own business.
I intend to do some more research over the next few months and update this post, as there are all kinds of other courses out there now. Watch this space!

Good Morning,
I stumbled across this in my search for copywriting courses. It seems like a good course, but just have a quick question. I’m a sorta recent graduate with a BA in Professional Writing. Bit of a struggle finding anyone to even give me an interview, so I thought if doing this and adding to my resume since I have an interest and love writing. I mostly want to know if this could be more of a help in aiding my job search or if I need to do more than one course.

Just realized I forgot to ask the one thing… does this help with actual copywriting job positions as opposed to just freelance? Have an interest in freelance but don’t know that that’s my ultimate goal.

Hi Meghan,
To be honest, any extra qualification (this included) is going to give you a better chance of getting a copywriting job – as you can pop it on your resume and it’ll give you a competitive advantage over those who don’t have it. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to job-hunting. But it will also give you some extra experience writing different types of copy, and generally make you a better writer. That’s also going to improve your chances of getting a job, as you’ll (hopefully) be able to blow them away with your job application.
Good luck!

Hi! I’ve been an event manager for years but always loved to write (I’ve written some content for 2 sites before). I’d really like to get into copywriting as a freelancer, however I’m not very tech savvy and don’t know my SEO’s from my keywords etc! I’m looking for an online course that can not only teach me the tricks and tips of copy, but that encompasses social media aspects too. Would the course you recommend do those things and is there a limit in which you must complete the course? I work 16 hour days currently and have children..so I could only do Sundays! Once confident enough, if love to take the leap of faith in doing it full time. Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can give!

Hi Frances,
If you’re talking about the Blackford Centre course – you can complete it in your own time. There’s no time limit.
It’s mainly focused on copywriting to be honest. You wouldn’t get a full understanding of digital marketing on the whole. It’s such a big subject, you might need a few courses!

Hi Konrad,

I want to be a copywriter but I do not have a portfolio. Where do I start? Which of the above courses should I consider? I plan to work in an advertising agency (once the world is unlocked-down).

Hi Gaya,

A good copywriting course should offer you the chance to create a portfolio (or the start of a portfolio) as part of the course. We are about the publish a free e-course in the next couple of weeks – that should give you a pretty good understanding of where to start and what to look for in a more in-depth course. If you like, drop us an email at academy@creative-copywriter.net and we’ll email you as soon as the free e-course is ready.



Hey guys/gals, how’s tricks? I know AWAI have a lot of huge copywriters associated with them, but I recall hearing heaps of negative reviews concerning the fact that Mark Ford, John Ford and other various names were pseudonyms of Micjael Masterson. They also own a lot of other websites which they run AWAI members through. I highly respect and learn from a lot of the associated copywriters there, including Michael Masterson himself, his books are awesome. However, I am very dubious about AWAI and their partner companies, from which, all of the student alignments come. Personally, I would use AWAI as a resource, but for actual courses I would stick with The Blackford Centre, CIM, CIPR, IDM, Media School of Arts and Publishing, etc. You may also want to look in to Andy Maslen’s Copywriting Academy, JC Heimmermann’s DirectMailUniversity, John Carlton and Stan Dahl’s Marketing Rebel Insiders Club, Carmine Mastropierro’s books, blog and courses (I love this woman’s work). Also, Peep Laja, Anton Volney, John Mcintyre, Kate Toon, Laura Petersen, Vikki Ross, Neville Medhora, Jpseph Sugarman, Drew Whitman, Rob Drummond, Adil Amarsi, Kevin Rogers, Derek Johann, Lorrie Forrero-Morgan, Nicki Krawczyk, David Garfinkel, Michel Fortin and Dmity Dragilev are all worth following. Plus, don’t forget about the major players in Content Marketing, such as Robert Bruce, Brian Kurtz, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Robert Rose, Sonia Simone, Troy Dean, Brian Dean, Stefanie Flaxman, John Jantsch, Joe Pulizzi, Guy Kawasaki, Sandi Krakowski, Taj Dosa, Ben Settles, Andre Chaperon, Justin Brooks, Chet Holmes, David Sharpe, Larry Kim, Nathan Chan, Nathan Barry, Chris Brogan, Chris Garrett, Chris Orzechowski, etc. Finally, always check out the Resources section of good sites.

I’m thinking about buying the TCC course and I was wondering if you guys help create portfolios and if I could (instead of doing freelance immediately) actually snag a copywriting job at a boutique agency?

Hi Nate!

That’s a great question! Throughout the 8 courses in the bundle, we give you a whole heap of different ‘present, practice and produce’ tasks – each of which serve a different learning purpose.

At the beginning of your journey, we ask you to open up a master folder. And when you complete a task, we ask that you save it to a specific folder within that master folder. One of those is a portfolio.

So, by the end of the course, you should have all of the folders you need to start your own freelancing business. Including a portfolio with a few landing pages, a few emails, a blog post and copy for an entire website. As well as some other bits and bobs.

On top of this, we’ll be dropping new briefs and tasks into the community – so that you can really build on your portfolio.

Hope this helps! Feel free to email us with any further questions you may have at academy@creative-copywriter.net.


Hello guys it was amazing of what I read through your Website about the course. You guys are really doing a fantatic Job keep up the good work. I have never heard of copywriting until 2020.05.12 on Youtube. I when I heard of it, I said to myself, woow!!! I believe this is the type of career I have been looking for all these years and because of my enthusiasm to do the course, I was searching in the Internet copywriting courses until I got to this Website. I tried to entroll but it didn’t go through. I really like writing and learning of new things. I an a novice in Copywriting I believe I will be taken in the Hand as I read and I hope this course will give me the dream life that I ever wanted. I love you guys.

With love

Hi Konrad,

I was searching for a copywriting course for a long time. I read the post and got a lot more names to explore.
I have one query that could really help me. I see on freelance sites that for copywriting gigs they require a native speaker. I am not a native English speaker, what is your take on it?

Great question Ayush. It obviously makes things easier if you’re a native speaker. But I know copywriters who aren’t native English speakers who have done well for themselves.

It’s important to master the language first. But you can certainly also aim to master the techniques of copywriting and become a decent copywriter even if you aren’t native.

Hey Konrad,

Thank you for a pretty comprehensive list here! I’ve been referring to it over the last 2 days to compare and research different courses. If you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate your expert opinion on which course would be best for my situation.

I’m late 20’s and working in non-commission based sales consulting for the last 4 years, have always had a love of writing and interest in marketing. Unfortunately, I didn’t seize the opportunity to study it in uni, instead focused on my passion of creativity through art & photography. I think I’d be a great candidate for marketing and/SEO copywriting. I’d like to work freelance so need a course that will really prepare me for starting off, portfolio and approaching and hooking clients. Any advice you could offer on which course would suit would be massively appreciated!

Thank you 😊

Hi Belinda,

I’m definitely biased, but I’d say that our course is a perfect fit for you. We built the course to teach people not only the science and art of copywriting, but everything needed to get started as a freelancer. Including how to set up shop, how to brand and market yourself, how to win projects, how to build and maintain relationships with clients and tons more!

We’ve packed our 10 years of growing a copywriting agency (starting just as a freelancer myself) into the course.

You can find out more here: https://academy.creative-copywriter.net/

Of course I’m biased, but your situation is exactly why we built the course in the first place. We didn’t see anything out there that really prepares freelance copywriters for the ‘real world’ of starting your own business and competing for work. It’s tough out there!

Hope that helps 🙂

Thanks for this, Konrad. I need to make a decision in the next month on which copywriting institution to join because I need this course!

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for all this info! Wondering which (if any) of these programs actually holds weight on a resume? I founded and ran a non-profit arts organization for 10 years – for which I wrote all copy – but my resume beyond that is thin. Looking for a course that covers the basics, but will also give me a little clout.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks so much!

Anyone know of a course that will assist you in putting together a portfolio of work? I am new to copy writing yet I am seasoned in writing some persuasive copy.

I am currently enrolled in a copywriting course and, so far, have gone through practicing writing a couple of sales letters and created my LinkedIn profile summary. My question/statement is: I don’t feel as though I’m actually learning how to write “copy” because I only receive critiques from other students in the online community. Does your course offer more teaching in the area of the actual “skill of writing?” I want more of that.

At The Creative Copywriting Academy we delve into core proven copywriting techniques, easy-to-apply formulas and stylistic tips and tricks. And this is right across the spectrum, from value-driven blog posts, to powerful website copy, to advanced conversion copy techniques. Our community is buzzing, so you benefit from peer-to-peer feedback but every piece of work you complete will be looked at by one of our copywriters at The Creative Copywriter – with actionable feedback. The course is specially designed to give you everything you need to kickstart a career as a freelance copywriter – no stone is left unturned smile

This article is extremely helpful, thank you! It gives me direction in where to look to boost up my resume on copywriting, with the aim of starting to freelance and building my portfolio. I have a BA in English & American Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from NYU, and some graduate education in psychology. I’ve spent the last 10 years in various Marketing, Business Development, and Sales roles so I’m familiar with marketing as industry. I would love to be a copywriter full time, whether freelance or employed by an agency. Do you have any tips for someone like me who is career transitioning and doesn’t know where to start?

Thank you for appreciating! You can check out one of our courses to get you started! Hopefully some of our blogs can help you out too!

The language that is written by hand has simplicity in its language and is also convenient to understand, so I think it is very necessary to try copywriting course. Konrad Sanders Thank you very much for telling us about copywriting courses.

Hello Konrad,

Thank you for compiling this fabulous list of options. I am currently working in a Healthcare job I do not enjoy, so I am exploring new avenues in which to take a leap into, as I believe life is too short to live an unhappy life. I always enjoyed writing and literature at school, so feel this is where my strengths lie, but that is as far as my skills currently take me and I feel incredibly vulnerable at attempting to explore new avenues. *Cue fear of the unknown*
I personally feel drawn to The Blackford Centre or the Kopywriting Kourse – would you recommend either of these courses as appropriate for a complete beginner? Will either of them enable me to build a portfolio that I can use to explore freelance work to gain experience? Which can then in turn build further work avenues?

Thanks in advance

Hello Emma! Brave soul, we’d tell! As they say, sometimes you’ll find success and happiness after you get out of your comfort zone so we’re defooo in full support of you exploring new avenues. Obviously, we’d rather you chose our course, https://academy.creative-copywriter.net/ .That’s perfect for complete beginners but I think if these two stand out for you then we’d suggest xx (I need to now go and look at both to work that out) 😉

Lovely blog! Is your subject exceptionally planned or did you download it from some spot? An arrangement like yours with two or three clear tweeks would genuinely take my blog jump out. Assuming no one really minds, let me know where you got your subject.

Dear Author,

Are you a native English speaker? Some of your idioms seem a bit off. For example, I have never heard “shit hot” come out of anyone’s mouth (here in the USA), it is always “hot shit”

“Just sayin’ ” — Duck Dynasty

thank you for sharing these amazing courses. Copywriting courses can be an invaluable resource for aspiring writers looking to hone their skills and learn new techniques. With the rise of digital marketing, demand for quality copywriting has increased, making these courses even more valuable. While some courses may be expensive, they can provide a great return on investment in terms of career advancement and income potential. It’s important to choose a course that fits your budget and learning style, and to do your research beforehand to ensure the course will provide the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. With the right course and dedication, anyone can become a successful copywriter.

Hello Konrad, just curious about one thing… is you’re course’s focus only on ‘Conversion Copywriting’…? I’m asking because I’m not too keen on Conversion/Direct Response Copywriting.


Hi Brenda! Yes, that is right. It has lessons on conversion copy, but it is a broader introduction to copywriting. Hmmm, best think of it as a Kickstarter for freelance copywriting journey.

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