Memoirs of a Copywriter, Part 2…

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Did I learn my creative copywriting skills at uni?

Well no, not exactly.

I studied Philosophy at Nottingham University. I loved the subject and came out with a 2,1 BA Hons Degree in Philosophy from a good uni.

But once I’d finished, the question dawned on me – OK so what now?

Philosophy doesn’t really give you much direction. It doesn’t push you down any particular career path.

So I felt some regrets afterwards, wishing I’d chosen some kind of business/marketing/money-making-related subject instead…

But as I ventured into the world of employment, and picked-up some sales and leadership skills while downunder (in Australia), I began to understand the use of my degree. Philosophy teaches you to think. It stretches the boundaries of your mind.

I realised that philosophy had equipped me with the skill to tackle any task or dilemma in a logical way. It gave me an analytical perspective, which is proving to be pretty useful after all…

So maybe it didn’t teach me how to succeed as a copywriter, but it gave my brain a kick in the right direction.


No. I also drank many pints at the student union, watched episodes of “The Mighty Boosh” and “Family Guy”, went to parties dressed as a pirate and took salsa lessons to pick up chicks. But those things aren’t very relevant right now.

The other major skill that I developed at uni was of course my ability to write…

If there’s one thing you have to do a lot of on a philosophy course – apart from pondering about deep stuff – it’s writing.

I had to hammer out loads of lengthy essays on abstract and intricate subjects.

Although they were very technical and brain-numbing in parts, my essays always included a little bit of wit. Maybe too much at times. I guess it was that creative copywriter inside me trying to break out.

It was this growing hunger and talent for writing, combined with my sales experience and love of advertising that led me into the copywriting world. And the rest is history.

Stay tuned for links to my work, information about ‘The Institute of Copywriting‘, and all kinds of other hints, tips, stories and heaps more…

Want to get inside your prospects’ minds and sell more?

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Want to get inside your prospects’ minds and sell more?

Download our FREE, expert eBook to unravel the mysteries of high converting copy.

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Konrad Sanders CEO & Lead Strategist at The Creative Copywriter
Hey you. I’m Konrad. A full-funnel content strategist and CEO with a pretty darn creative noggin on my shoulders. I run a team of word-slinging cowboys and strategists who blend science with art to help bold brands get their words right at every step of the customer journey. Which means? They sell more stuff and grow predictable revenue. Brands like AECOM, Thomson Reuters, TikTok, Panasonic, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, plus shedloads of tech scale-ups...and you? Let's connect.

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To me, creative writing isn’t something that you can learn, it’s a skill that develops within someone. I don’t believe that we are born with it either, it grows until we notice it and then, with careful dedication, it blossoms into beautiful writing.

Well said Thom. I guess some of us have that creative spark and some don’t. But either way, you can definitely improve your copywriting skills by learning the tricks of the trade. Some of our other posts will give you some great pointers!

I have seen many people become very good writers just by trying. Some of us have a natural talent that is yet undiscovered and all we have to do is start writing to find out.

I think uni is just a place to socialize and get a degree, the real test of how you will do in your career comes from the real world. Being creative is a process for some while others just do it naturally.

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