Direct-Response Sales Emails & Letters

Even today, nothing beats direct response marketing”

If you target the right people with your emails and letters, structure the message right, grab their interest, excite them, charm them and compel them to act, then your prospects will buy. And if you build a relationship with them over time, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Direct marketing rocks.

The beautiful thing about direct response marketing is how you can target so precisely, and you can test your conversion results so accurately. You can see exactly how each message improves your bottom line.

We can write your emails and letters, craft them to your audience, measure your results, and design your entire direct marketing strategy for you. Then we can leave you with world-class strategy, materials and results, or stay and manage your direct marketing as your profits rise and rise. Your choice.

  • Headline & Hook

    The headline is 80% of the work, and we specialize in killer headlines. Those first words which grab your prospect’s eye will decide whether he or she opens, reads and buys, or ignores your message. You need to grab their attention, then hook them and hold them. Let us do it for you.

  • Earn Trust

    The biggest obstacle to buying is a lack of trust. Let us make sure your messages inspire it. You can earn the trust of your reader through the language you use, the way you speak to them, your credentials and demonstrated successes. Plus many other methods that work time and time again.

  • Hold & Excite

    When your soon-to-be-customer is reading the email, they should be gripped by how exciting and relevant the message is to them. They should be reading about their real problem, and how you have the best solution. They should be deciding already that this is something they want…they need.

  • Trigger to Buy

    Many of our clients appreciate how strongly we can tell their readers to act, and act NOW. A strong call to action is not just icing on the cake, it’s an essential ingredient, like the yeast, egg or flour. Making your reader actually take action is an art form that we know and love.

Get in touch to take the stress out of your direct email or letter campaigns. You want results, and we deliver them. When you test and measure the impact of your direct marketing, you’ll see clear as day the benefits we bring.

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