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“They must be the expert because they wrote the book on it

Do you want to be ‘they’ when your ideal prospect next speaks this phrase?

You can have a beautiful, powerful, insightful eBook or whitepaper in all your clients’ hands this time next month. We kid you not.

A piece of work designed to entertain, educate, solve your prospect’s most difficult problem and convert with cult-like influence. What better marketing is there?

Think of the last time you read an eBook or white paper that solved a genuine problem you’d been struggling with in your business. Think of the gratitude and respect you had for the author.

An eBook or white paper that truly tackles a problem your prospects have is a marketing dynamo you can use again and again. A golden goose that just keeps on giving… Let us create one for you.

  • Gain Trust

    When someone solves your problem you trust them – you trust their knowhow, competence and integrity. We’ll help you pinpoint the problem that keeps your clients up at night. Then lead them by the hand to the solution, how to implement it and beyond, to become a trusting loyal fan.

  • Gain Clients

    An ebook or white paper must have a measurable impact on your conversion rates, and on your bottom line. It’s not purely to educate and entertain. It has the very specific task of targeting your ideal client, and pushing them further down the sales funnel towards conversion. Perhaps even converting them then and there.

  • Gain Kudos

    When you need something done your mind jumps to the experts you know. You respect the experts and listen to their views. You want them to help you. With your eBook or white paper we can make sure you’re a respected expert who leaps to the minds of your prospects at exactly the right time in their buyer journeys.

  • eBook Vs White Paper

    This depends on your industry, clients and personal preferences. Both solve a very real problem, are compelling and engaging, and are designed to convert. White papers tend to be more formal in style, with more quantifiable data. And eBooks are more visual, casual and easy to skim.

So if you want a power tool to send every prospect (to boost conversions) and every existing and past client (to boost your average customer value) then get in touch. We can’t wait to make you the go-to expert and thought-leader of your industry.

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