Influencer Marketing: How I Got 9000 New Blog Readers in Just 2 Weeks!

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Influencer marketing wasn’t on my radar until a frosty winter’s morning, 3 months ago.

Until that life-changing day, The Creative Copywriter’s online traffic had come predominantly from SEO. You know – keywords, landing pages, backlinks – all that malarkey.

And although I used to rustle up (brilliantly written) blog posts here and there, I didn’t understand how to truly promote or drive traffic to them. For me, Twitter was just an overcrowded, over-salesy waste of time.

But then something magical happened.

I chanced upon a very special blog post, created by the awesome Kristi Hines, which was called ’32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tips’ (read it!)

And all of a sudden, the penny dropped.

My Magical Moment of Clarity

I realised that social media allowed me to reach out to anyone.


I could strike up a conversation with content marketing geniuses Lee Odden and Guy Kawasaki. Or crack jokes with Copyblogger legends Demian Farnworth and Brian Clark.

I could drop Richard Branson a line and tell him how gorgeous his beard is. Or perhaps even get through to the big man himself, President Obama, if I played my cards right.

After all, these world-leading content marketers, social media influencers, entrepreneurs (and presidents), were just people. Like you and me.

And I’m pretty good with people, I thought to myself .

Thus my influencer marketing journey began.

…A couple of months later I knocked up 2 epic blog posts, called:
22 Content Marketing Experts Reveal the Secrets to Writing Killer Blog Posts‘ and
38 Blogging Masters Reveal Their Number One Tip for New Bloggers’.

Between them, they got over 4,500 shares and 9000 new visitors to my site in just 2 weeks. And that was only the beginning.

Like to know how to do it?

Step 1: make a list

First of all, suss out which influencers are going to turbo-charge your blog.

They must be creating and sharing valuable content in your niche. They must be awesome at what they do. They must have a whole heap of online influence (a giant social media following or blog readership).

For me, it was content marketing rockstars like Sarah ArrowJeff Goins and Joe Pulizzi. Plus copywriting legends like Joe VitaleHeather lloyd-Martin and James Chartrand. For you, it would be the big online cheeses in your field.

Or as savvy social media strategist Neal Schaffer calls them (in his value-packed book ‘Maximise Your Social‘):

“Individual users, companies, or media outlets that are part of or serve your target demographic”

Tools which can help you define and find these influencers are: KloutPeerindex, Kred, Technorati, PostRank, your brain, your eyes etc.

PS. Don’t make the list gigantic at the start. 30 to 50 influencers will do. If you spread yourself too thin, you won’t be able to give each one the love and attention they deserve 🙂

Step 2: follow your list

Chosen your all-stars? Then follow them on every social media platform you’re a member of. And keep these profiles separate from regular civilians. ‘Cos these guys are special.

Create a Twitter list, call it ‘big influencers’ and pop them all on there. Do the same in Google+, using its trusty ‘circles’ feature. And make sure your Facebook business page is following all their Facebook business pages. Comprende?

Step 3: help your list

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

That’s the philosophy behind influencer marketing.

So help your list out. Share their content. Comment on their blog posts. Like, favourite, retweet and +1 their updates. Link to their sites. Give them a whole lot of love, daily… You’ll start to get noticed for it.

A platform which can really fast-track your influencer marketing efforts is the clever Triberr, created by Dino Dogan, where you can join tribes of savvy bloggers in your niche and ‘scratch each other’s backs’ (by sharing each other’s content).

Use it!

Step 4: ask your list questions

Can’t find the answer to that niggling industry-specific question? Ask the gurus!

Go on. Straight up ask them exactly what you want to know. Tap into their beautiful minds. Like this:

This little manoeuvre will:
a. Get you the best possible answer to your question.
b. Engage your influencers in conversation.
c. Flatter them.
d. Slap you on their radar.

Step 5: suck up to your list

Make ‘em feel like royalty. Give a daily shout out to several influencers per update (on any social media platform which has tagging enabled). Like this:

Make sure you mix up your targets every day. You wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out, would you?

I learnt this tactic from Twitter mastermind Georg Grey, who certainly loves a good shout-out with his morning breakfast (,lunch and dinner).

This cute little trick will:
a. Benefit your followers by directing them to valuable, must-know industry experts and brands in your niche.
b. Get those valuable, must-know industry experts and brands on your side.

Step 6: befriend your list

Here’s where personality goes a long way. So make sure you have a good one.

And forget the formalities of old-school business etiquette (yuk!). You’re in social media now. It’s social. Chat to these hot shots like they’re your closest pals. Be bold. Be brazen. Make ‘em giggle.

If you’re a cheeky London copywriter like myself, use your local lingo to your advantage. Words like ‘mate’, ‘cheers’ and ‘’alf a pint o’ lager’ work like a charm with US and Ozzie folk.

In his value-driven post called ‘7 Numbers That Matter on ‘Twitter’, social media legend (and my online buddy), Aaron Lee, recommends chatting with at least 5 Twitter users every day.

For you, at least 4 out of 5 of them should be on your influencer list.

Step 7: flirt with your list

You heard me.

Got any smoking hot influential ladies on your list – like Anna HoffmanNathalie Lussier or Kimberley Grabas? Or perhaps some influential hunks – like Ramsay Taplin or Patt Flynn?

Toss some flirtatious compliments their way. Because who can resist a bit of charm and flattery?

PS. This might not be your bag. But if you’re cocky and shameless – and it’s in tune with your personal/company brand identity – then go for it!

Step 8: write blog posts about your list

This is where the genius stuff comes in. Influencer marketing at its finest.

Create a shout-out post listing some (or all) of your influencers. Tell the world why they’re great. And link out to their websites, promotions, books and social media profiles.

Once you’re done, let them know about the post (by any and every means possible). If you ask nicely, they should repay the favour with some big fat, wide-reaching, traffic-driving shares.

ESPECIALLY if you’ve already helped them, sucked up to them, asked them questions, befriended them and outrageously flirted with them on social media.

Step 9: write blog posts about your list’s blog posts

Another little treat here, which will benefit you, your influencers and your readers.

Either write a direct reply to one of your influencer’s specific blog posts, challenging their opinion (which can gain you a whole heap of attention).

Or write a round-up review of some super useful posts you’ve discovered recently.

Anna Hoffman does a tip top job of this in Traffic Generation Café, with her weekly marketing skinny. It’s always worth checking out what little gems she’s listed there.

Step 10: interview your list

My favourite influencer marketing trick of all.

It’s what brought in those extra 9000 hungry readers to The Creative Copywriter in only two weeks, and placed me on the content marketing map.

Once you’ve rubbed virtual shoulders with your list, and exchanged some friendly banter: ask them to contribute to your blog. Or interview them.

Find out what your followers are itching to know, then send emails to your list asking them kindly to share their wisdom on the topic. 60% of them will get back to you with answers, and in no time at all you’ll have an epic traffic-driving post – just like Kristi Hines’ masterpiece.

A little bonus tip: tell your influencers what other industry-leading experts you’ve approached and you’re much more likely to convince them. We call this ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ in the sales industry. People want to do what other people are doing.

Especially other important people.

And if you manage to get an actual half hour chat with one of your influencers, in Google Hangouts or Skype, that will make for some tantalizing video content.

What should you do once the post is live?

Why, get those gurus to share it with their colossal crew of followers of course! And watch the visitors swarm to your site like ants to a picnic.

Step 11: link out to your list (as much as poss)

Don’t just write round-up or interview posts all the bloomin’ time.

People want to hear your voice , your wisdom and your story. That’s how to establish yourself as an industry expert and really gain that hoard of loyal followers you seek.

So here’s the secret. And it’s perhaps the smartest one of all…

Link out to relevant influencers and experts in as many blog posts as you can. Quote them, mention them, reference their sites or books, link to their profiles and then ask them kindly (like an English gentleman) to share your stuff.

In a recent blog post about the importance of brand identity, I offered my wisdom on the subject, then listed 4 world-leading content marketers who I felt had nailed the branding game. Of course they all then promoted the post and voila! It got a shedload more readers than it would have otherwise.

Super savvy marketing strategist, Gregory Ciotti (from Sparring Mind), calls this The Drip Technique.

“You simply “drip” in features throughout the piece, grabbing quotes and excerpts from personalities with your ideal audience and putting them in where appropriate.”

See what I did there?

Step 12: get on other people’s lists

That’s right. With all these savvy marketing tricks you’ll eventually become one of the big players yourself. And start to grace the ‘guru lists’ of other influence-hungry marketers.

Step 13: put me on your list!

Let’s skip back to step 1 again. You know – the list you’re about to create?

If you dabble in the world of content marketing, copywriting, SEO or social media – then why not get the ball rolling right away? Go on. Visit my Twitter profile now and add me to your very own influencer list.

I look forward to all the flirting and sucking up 😉

Share, share & share some more!

Those beautiful round black buttons look tempting down there, don’t they?

So click away my friend and share this epic post with all your fantastic followers and fans! They’ll thank you for it.

Love you,

Konrad x



Want your brand content to grow, grip and convert mass audiences?

Download our FREE, in-depth eBook to learn the art and science of crafting a killer content strategy.

Want your brand content to grow, grip and convert mass audiences?

Download our FREE, in-depth eBook to learn the art and science of crafting a killer content strategy.

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Konrad Sanders CEO & Lead Strategist at The Creative Copywriter
Hey you. I’m Konrad. A full-funnel content strategist and CEO with a pretty darn creative noggin on my shoulders. I run a team of word-slinging cowboys and strategists who blend science with art to help bold brands get their words right at every step of the customer journey. Which means? They sell more stuff and grow predictable revenue. Brands like AECOM, Thomson Reuters, TikTok, Panasonic, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, plus shedloads of tech scale-ups...and you? Let's connect.

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Hey Konrad, thanks for the mention. You also have to remember that your influencer must have some ego in order to share the post… which is why I blend my lists with newcomers that are talented as well.

Hey Konrad,
What an awesome post and great advice. It’s hard to get recognized these days so what you shared will really be helpful. You’re just shameless but I love it.
I know that these types of post really get attention but I’ve yet to do one. I haven’t made the types of connections you’ve shared here but I have made my own personally with some top dogs so it’s a process that definitely works and just having the friendship is what’s worth it to me.
Really appreciate you putting this post together and sharing some awesome tips.
Rock on my friend.

Thanks for your kind words, Adrienne – I really appreciate that a lot!
And I hope people understand that my own personal shameless approach, my not suit everyone. It goes well with my branding (the cheeky East London, creative copywriter), but for others it might not be appropriate.
However, it’s always appropriate to be super friendly and to ‘unleash your personality’ on social media, as I like to put it. Don’t hold back, be yourself, be confident, be friendly, be helpful and inquisitive – and you’ll make some great connections.

Hi great article, it reminds me of the advice my dad gave me. If you want to look important stand with important people. It wasn’t something i ever followed up but i can see how it would work and know people who have used that approach.

Fantastic post! It’s very rare that I come across a post that makes me truly excited about the concept behind it. Your tips are priceless, and this is definitely one marketing trick I’ve added to my list! Love your blog and I have a feeling I’ll be returning on many occasion to check your latest updates. 🙂

At least I can leverage my hotness when all else fails… lol
One of my personal favorites is linking out to influencers as additional resources/references in my blog posts – it’s the easiest way to tap into social sharing multiplication through doing what you are doing anyway: providing valuable content.
Love your writing style, Konrad; you always manage to suck me in. (of course, mentioning me doesn’t hurt either…)

Thanks for dropping by and for your kind words Ana!
Yes indeed, linking out to influencers works in so many ways. It’s absolutely genius. And I hope this post has inspired lots of bloggers to tap into the power of influencer marketing… I think I’m in love with it 😉

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Hi Konrad,
My eyes popped out of its socket when I read your mention on Adrienne’s latest post. I guessed, it’s a lie and total fallacy, but was totally wrong after reading this post.
Aside my SEO stuff, I think this is my missing link and I will definitely apply this proven strategy.

Thanks James and Sherryl! I appreciate you dropping by and reading my post… I’ve bookmarked your ones and will give them a good read later on when I come up for air 🙂

Hi Konrad,
It’s my first time on your blog coming to you from Adrienne’s!! Wow, I feel like a total ignorant when I read your post and it may take me a very looooooooong time to implement these strategies. The only thing I did so far is followed you on twitter and liked your fan page. I have to read this post over and over and implement as much as I can.
Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom Konard.
Have an awesome rest of the week and weekend ahead.
Be Blessed,

This list is genius. So many great ideas I am not sure which one I like best. Your sense of humor and writing style are very entertaining as well. I have completed step 1b and look forward to reading more of your work.

Hey Conrad,
I came to your blog from Adrienne’s wonder post and I must confess I’m hooked 😉 I can’t remember being here before but I just love the current experience 😉
Tell me Conrad, how long did it take you to get answers from these experts? I’m currently putting up an expert post similar to this but it’s taking quite long to hear from some of these very busy pros. Pat F told me he gets 100s of mail s per day so I can understand them.
Do have a wonderful day buddy 😉

Hi Enstine – thanks for your kind words mate!
In short: yes – it can take a while. Better to set a deadline for the influencers; it will help you plan the post and it helps them to set aside some time to answer you. And don’t expect to get answers from everyone on your list; they’re busy people, as you said.
Good luck. And let me know when the post is live!

Hi Konrad,
I just followed the link in Adrienne’s Thankful Thursday post and found this. It’s a great article with some awesome tips. I have an awesome bloggers list that’s on the lines of your influencers list but I haven’t come close to achieving the numbers that you have. You’ve given me some homework to do. Thanks!

Hi Konrad,
Yes, it does appear that flattery will get you everywhere. You bring up many excellent ways to work social media. But an underlying factor is organization. To manage your lists well you need to super organized. I will be adding you to my list of influencers – and thanks to Adrienne for sharing this very useful article.

Neamat – it takes less time than you think. Just an hour a day – if you use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, and in 3 months people will be putting you on their influencer lists!
And as Neena said; it takes a whole lot of organisation and consistency. But if you systemize your tasks – set aside a fixed amount of time for each of these steps – you can get into the habit of it. And soon you’ll become a guru!
Thanks for dropping by guys. Good luck!

Hi Konard,
Indeed its a great privilege to share your wonderful and educative post here at kingged.
I am sure this will be a wonderful share for my fellow bloggers and visitors here, surely they can pick up some valuable information/tips to boost their traffic flow.
You created a wonderful post, indeed an educative one especially for the people who are new in this writing field. The steps you quoted in this post are worth and will give the full result if follow religiously.
Let you be a great influencer to your fellow beings, and am sure you will be remembered by them forever for the impact or influence you made in their lives.
Keep posting such informative and useful ones for your fellow being and especially for the writers.
Keep it up my dear friend
I am so glad that I found this today and shared it here for the benefit of others.
Keep up the good work.
Ann P V
Hey, Konard I found this post notification at one of my friends’ page and at once I shared this post at Kingged.com and I kingged it and posted a comment too.
Keep up the good work
Keep sharing 🙂

Hey Konrad,
I got to your site from Adrienne Smith’s site, and I have to say that I’m quite impressed. I’ve heard of influencer marketing the end of last year, but you really went into a lot of detail about how to become successful with this strategy. Now all I have to do is go ahead an implement it! Thanks for the value! Have a good one!

Konrad I’m a first time visitor to the site that came from Adrienne Smith’s recent article citing your influence.
Now I understand why. I actually was putting in a strategy very similar to the one you outlined for our unique web design and development start-up company – I say unique because it’s more about helping site owners develop their messaging properly combined with creating their websites. It’s a complete coaching approach that I don’t know of anyone doing in this fashion.
With that said, I know gaining traction will have a lot do do with our uniqueness but even more to do with who I connect with and how I offer value to them. As I remind my clients, it’s not about you, it’s about your audience!
So here we go. You laid it out wonderfully for me and for that I am in gratitude and appreciation. I have followed your Twitter page and will others shortly and I look forward to brazenly engage with you!
Don Purdum

Ann, Sherman & Don – thanks so much for taking the time to read this post and comment!
I’m glad you all took something away from this. I look forward to brazenly engaging with all of you too!
Cheers guys. Happy Friday to ya x

Hello; I followed you hear because of adrienne smith’s thankful thursday post mentioning you. i am a blind blogger and I just started a second blog. because of relationships I built with other bloggers through social media my first post had over 20 comments. I thought this a good start until reading this. I’ll have to figure out which of these techniques I ca implement. I need to make that list and start getting to know influencers in the personal development field. thanks for the post, max

Hey Konrad, great piece of trick and the part I liked the most is that you continuously implemented what you were talking about, right in this post – couldn’t make a better example 🙂
Just like the other commenters, I got here following Adrienne’s link.
The strategy you discuss here is a powerful strategy. And it has multiple benefits. You make friends. You get the contact of influencers (who have BIG audience already). You easily become popular. A simple mention or a single tweet from an influential person will make you popular in a second.
And think about all the golden connections you make! They’re yours for life and who knows what goodies you will continuously receive and what breakthroughs you will be able to make via those connections!
This is a wonderful strategy, Konrad and thanks for sharing it step by step for us 🙂

Jane – thanks so much for your kind words, I hope this strategy brings you much success! And you’re right, the relationships you make with your influencers will continue to benefit you for years to come 🙂
Pauleen – a bucket loads of thanks to you too! And I’m hugely appreciative to Adrienne for sending you guys my way. About the ‘2 weeks’, this entire process of building relationships with influencers of course takes a lot longer. But I got 9000 new visitors reading these 2 blog posts in the first 2 weeks of uploading them (and a lot more afterwards!)
Robert – thanks for dropping by mate. Good luck giving your blog a big ol’ boost! Let me know how it goes…

Hey, Konrad! 🙂 This is such an epic article. As far as I can remember, Adrienne Smith mentioned this blog post on one of her articles that I’ve read recently.
Well, congratulations for achieving thousands of new readers. I couldn’t believe that you’ve made it in just two weeks. How was that?
Based on what I’ve learned here, you effectively take advantage of building an email list and blogging. These two have been your powerful strategies to gain such figure of readers. I shouldn’t be shocked by this.
You interact with people by being helpful, friendly and valuable to them, and that’s one of the reasons why you succeed.
Thanks for sharing your luck! 🙂
P.S. I’ve found this blog post shared on Kingged.com and leave the same comment there.

I am also a first time visitor and found so much information here that I can take and use and start really boosting my blog way up there.
Thank you so much!

Hi Konrad –
Excellent, excellent techniques!
I have found that the hardest part is to do them consistently and to not get discouraged if you don’t receive the attention that you covet right away.
I like your idea of making a list and referring to it every day. You can start out with just a handful of influencers – or whatever your schedule can handle.
Thanks for info – as always, you offer great advice!

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Wow, great blog post. Thank you so much for being so candid and spelling things out so completely. I’m a long time writer but newbie blogger who’s shy online. I needed your guidelines and encouragement to take next steps. Best blog post I’ve read in a couple of months. Thanks again!

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