Keyword Research

“People are looking for your service right now, ready to pay – make sure those people find YOU”

Every page on your site and blog can target a golden nugget keyword, which your prospects are typing into Google right now. A keyword which;

  1. is searched in high volume every day,
  2. is a buying keyword, where the searcher has their credit card out and ready to use,
  3. has little competition, making it easier to get high on page one faster.

There are thousands of keywords out there related to your product or service. But most of them are searched too rarely, are not buying keywords, or are too competitive to rank for quickly.

Imagine if you could find the few dozen keywords that are true golden nuggets, and which will get you a steady stream of buying customers over time. How many of your competitors know of these keywords? Very very few!

  • High Search Volume

    First, you need to target keywords with decent minimum searches every month. We use a variety of the best tools in the game to make sure you don’t waste time on keywords that nobody’s searching for. Just this first step will make sure your site gets ten times more visitors.

  • Little Competition

    You can beat out the competition on the most competitive keywords in your industry. But this takes time. Why not target the keywords very few competitors have thought to target. The low hanging fruit, ripe for the picking. We’ll show you have to rank for these easy keywords in months, not years.

  • Buying Keywords

    All golden nugget keywords need to be buying keywords. Not the kind people use when looking for knowledge (although these we’ll target . But keywords where searchers are buying what they find, and spending a good deal of money on it too. We know this from how much money advertisers are forking out on PPC.

  • Page One in Google

    You can battle for years to get page one for your industry’s number one keyword. We can even help you get there. But if instead you get page one for a dozen golden nugget keywords, your online presence and Google traffic will grow just as fast. And it’s so much easier and quicker to achieve.

We’ve refined a 100% accurate system of finding these keywords for any niche. And we can find them for you, and target them for you too. Stop wasting time randomly shouting your marketing message at everyone. Let us focus your online presence so just the right people find you, starting today.

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