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“Build a big beautiful targeted list of loyal customers and
watch your bottom line soar”

You want your profits to climb, right? Well, there are three ways to do it:

  1. Get new prospects
  2. Convert more prospects to paying customers
  3. Increase the profit-value from each customer

Almost all traditional marketing is obsessed with 1. Getting new prospects. But if you increase any of these three factors by 10%, your profits will increase by 10%. And getting more prospects is the hardest to achieve. So why focus on it? Let’s look at 2 and 3.

What’s one of the most powerful ways to lift your conversions or average customer value? You got it: a newsletter, or any email marketing strategy. And here’s why:

  • Convert More Prospects

    When a prospect walks in your door or visits your site, they might be ready to buy then and there. Or they might not. If 2% of your visitors are buying, 98% are leaving. But the enticing offer of a value-packed newsletter or an obstacle-overcoming email course will entice another 5 or 6% of those leavers to sign up. Then keep in touch, earn their trust, and convert a few of them somewhere down the line. Bob’s your uncle. You’ve turned 2% conversions into 3% or 4% conversions. That’s a 50% or 100% increase in profits.

  • See Instant Results

    If you already have a database of customers and you’ve sent them offers or a newsletter, get ready for a sharp increase in profits when you begin. Marketing to existing and past customers is ten times easier than trying to draw strangers in through that front door. If you don’t already have a database, then it’s never too soon to start. And we can show you how.

  • Boost Customer Value

    If your average customer is worth $3000 a month to you, then increasing that $3000 value to $4000 is a 33% increase in your profits. So how can you do it?

    A regular newsletter or email campaign will glue your brand to their mind. And draw them back like bees to a rose field, to buy more often. It’ll also tempt back your previous customers, who have trusted your stellar service before – and with a little e-nudge, will do so again.

  • Gain Loyal Fans

    A newsletter, or carefully designed email campaign, is the best way to build trust with your audience. You show your personality, they interact with you, and you become their trusted advisor in that industry. Someone they turn to when they want to buy, rather than your faceless competitors who haven’t offered any valuable wisdom.

We’re specialists at newsletters and email campaigns that get results. And can show you how to weave them into your inbound marketing funnel. In other words, we won’t just dish out well-written content for your newsletters, like other copywriting and content marketing agencies. We’ll dish out brilliantly-written content and make sure you have a customer-converting strategy locked down.

When we create your email marketing campaign, you can test and see the bottom line boost for yourself. So, when would you like us to start?

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