Partner with Us and Achieve This:

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Partner with us and achieve this:

Hello you,

You’ve arrived here some way or another because you’re keen to top up your monthly income. And in that sense, you and I are very much alike.

So let me cut to the chase.

I run a gang of word-slingin’ cowboys known as The Creative Copywriter. We have the raw talent and expert knowledge needed to compel, convince and convert prospects in any industry (including yours).

As well as fine-tuning website copy to make it pop and sizzle, we create the kind of value-packed, strategically-smart content that draws prospects to your brand like bees to a rose field.

Yes, I’m talking about content marketing. The kind that actually works.

Now I won’t start bragging about our achievements in the industry or delve into those industry-renowned USPs of ours… Because you can read about them here in a mo.

Nor will I name-drop all the big brands and determined start-ups we’ve worked with, because you can sneak a peek at our portfolio here.

What I do want to delve into is: an extra passive revenue stream. And how you can achieve one, by merely recommending our stellar service to your contacts and clients.

What do you need to do?

A simple introduction email to konrad@creative-copywriter.net will cut it.

“John meet Konrad, content strategist at The Creative Copywriter – I think his team can really help you out”. That kind of thing.

We’ll take it from there.

What happens next?

If we seal a deal – and boy are we good at doing that – we’ll reward you handsomely. Here’s how:

  • 10% of any payments made for copywriting work.
  • £50 ($70 US) a month for one weekly blog post
  • £100 ($140 US) a month for two weekly blog posts
  • £100 ($140 US) a month per social media platform

A typical client, for example, might opt for web copy and some sales emails, then an inbound marketing package consisting of 2 weekly blog posts plus ongoing Twitter and Linkedin marketing and management.

What you’d get in return is:

  1. Approximately £100 to £200 ($140 – $280 US) upfront for the copywriting gig.
  2. £300 ($420 US) EVERY month for as long as they remain our client (which will likely be for years, if not forever)
  3. A happy, profiting contact who will thank their lucky stars that you sent them our way.

Now let’s say you send 10 businesses like this our way over the next 6 months.

That’d be £1000-£2000 ($1400 – $2800 US) upfront, for the copy work.  And £3000 ($4200) in your back pocket every single month from then on. A nice bit of extra revenue, don’t you agree?And then what if you sent another 10 our way over the following 6 months?Well, I think you’re starting to understand just how valuable this little partnership could be…

So what should you do right now?

#1. Peruse our site to get to know us better. We only want referrals from partners that understand and value our service. This isn’t just some quick-fix, make-a-buck type of affiliate scheme.

#2. Shoot us a quick email and request our Welcome PDF and Inbound Marketing Packages info. These will give you even more insight into what we offer, what makes us special and how we can help your contacts achieve their goals. Feel free to send those on.

#3. To make things uber-easy for you, we’ve written a ready-made email that you can shoot out to your email list. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and copy it, tweak it where necessary, load it into your email marketing tool and fire away! You could start reaping the benefits of our beautiful partnership TODAY.

What kind of clients do we want?

In general, we’re not after small-timers. We offer a premium service for companies that mean business. But don’t feel like you need to be the judge of that.

EVERY business can benefit from sharpened copy that drills home their message more powerfully, more memorably and more persuasively. EVERY business can benefit from a strategic analysis of their content marketing efforts. EVERY business can reap the long term rewards of a traffic-driving, lead-generating inbound marketing strategy.

And if inbound marketing isn’t the right solution for a prospect right now, we’re not just going to force it down their throats. Perhaps they’ll need some quick conversions, in which case we might recommend our trusted PPC partners. Or maybe some good old-fashioned telesales will hit the mark. Perhaps their budget just won’t be in line with our offering, so we’ll point them towards other cheaper options for the time being.

In every case, we’ll recommend the marketing solution that’s right for that particular prospect. Whether we can offer that solution in-house or not.

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t.

So referral fees aside, you can safely know that whoever you send our way is in safe and savvy hands.

Want to chat?

Excellent. We’d love to hear from you. Just scroll down to the contact form below and give us a shout.

Copy, paste and send
this email… (simples).

Hi [First Name]

I thought you might
be interested in this.

I’ve partnered with a
top notch content
marketing agency
called The Creative
Copywriter. It’s a
small team of talented
copywriters and
content marketers
who really know their
onions when it comes
to content strategy
and inbound marketing. In a
nutshell; they help
businesses compel,
convince and convert
customers through
strategic content and
disruptive social
media marketing.

And the founder
Konrad – who runs
the show over there –
is a top content
strategist, and a great
guy to work with too!

Would you like me to
make an

Let me know.

And I
hope everything’s
going swimmingly for
you, regardless.


[Your Name]