“A whopping 14% hike in sales”

Case Story
Client: Adidas
A tale of a sports giant winning hearts all over the world.
Case Story
Client: Adidas
A tale of a sports giant winning hearts all over the world.

“A whopping 14% hike in sales”

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  • Campaign copy
    Integrated campaign copy with 600 sign-ups
  • Website copy
    Adverts, web copy, landing pages, and sales emails
  • Increase in sales
    A 14% increase in overall sales
  • Social media
    A blow-up across social media channels

Once upon a time

adidas Outdoor wanted to win the hearts of outdoor sport communities the world over, to boost their product line sales and increase their cult-like following. They needed a campaign that would cross international boundaries. That would push the limits, just like their audience and brand ambassadors do every day. That would be ingrained with the kind of virality that could spread their brand message like wildfire through the global outdoor sports community.

Help was at hand

Under the esteemed wing of the Ludwig Agency Group, we played the role of copywriting partner for the adidas “Claim Freedom” activation campaign. A worldwide contest to select the seven most creative and inspiring outdoor sports projects, which would then be sponsored by adidas and followed closely by fans.

We set the tone and created copy for each stage of the campaign, plus the related outdoor product landing pages on their global site.

The messaging was edgy. Gripping. Inspiring. Bold. Impactful. Provocative. Everything it needed to be to make a bang and attract their niche audience like moths to a light bulb.

The day was saved

And they lived happily ever after

  • With 600 applications to the contest from extreme sports athletes around the world
  • A massive increase in engagement across social channels
  • A whopping 14% increase in sales during the campaign

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