“19% rise in new website visitors in 3 months”

Case Story
Client: Staycity
How an apart-hotel chain rose to the top of the Google throne.
Case Story
Client: Staycity
How an apart-hotel chain rose to the top of the Google throne.

“19% rise in new website visitors in 3 months”

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  • Time frame
    High volume, high calibre copy at a speedy rate
  • Website copy
    SEO geared content articles
  • Stand out voice
    A fresh tone of voice
  • Bounce rates
    A 6% reduction in bounce rates

Once upon a time

Staycity wanted the world to know all about their outstanding European serviced apartments. Not only that, they wanted to ramp up digital engagement with SEO, pushing them to the top of the royal Google throne.

Their first call? To source an agency to deliver a hefty amount of high calibre copy, at a speedy rate. The climb to the top of Google is a challenge that requires an aggressive approach.

Help was at hand

It was a case of go big or go home. So we went big. We created over 160 event and city guides to 12 Staycity locations across Europe. Each guide used SEO techniques with keywords and semantically related phrases to help Staycity rank way up high.

No stone was left unturned. Each guide was an engaging, valuable and SEO-driven oracle that covered everything a visitor would need to know.

Of course, there was an overarching focus of creating a unique tone of voice for Staycity that perfectly represented the wonderfully quirky, yet professional brand they are.

The day was saved

  • With content articles
  • SEO Techniques
  • High quality, large volume and fast turnaround
  • Tone of voice development

And they lived happily ever after

With an 15% increase of sessions year on year.
Up 19% on new visitors to the StayCity website.
A 6% reduction in bounce rates.
Tight deadlines with a high volume of work was met every time.
A happy client and happy us.

P.S. Results calculated 3 months after publishing, so in the words of the Carpenters: ‘we’ve only just begun’.

What they said

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