“60k organic blog visitors per month”

Case Story
Client: Eurocentres
The tale of a language school on a mission to ride the digital wave
Case Story
Client: Eurocentres
The tale of a language school on a mission to ride the digital wave

“60k organic blog visitors per month”

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  • Website copy
    A digitally savvy language school with engaging content
  • Strategy
    Educational, high-value blog posts
  • Team members
    A multi-year agency brand relationship
  • Social media
    SEO-friendly content

Once upon a time

Eurocentres (a renowned international language academy) were beginning to dip their toes into digital waters. Traditionally a classroom-based service, they sought to ride the digital wave, harness the power of their social channels, and feed value to their customers both online and off. Communicating with past, current, and potential customers alike Eurocentres required blog content that was fresh, gripping, relevant, and search engine friendly. And with the kind of pizazz that would have readers hitting those “share” buttons before you could say “present perfect continuous”.

Help was at hand

The Creative Copywriter immediately understood the need for a powerful and consistent content calendar. By working closely with Eurocentres’ marketing team, we created a weekly workflow which included two types of posts with two different missions. One value-driven article that would help push prospects from the “dreaming” stage to the “searching” stage in the buyer’s journey. And one bite-sized lesson article that would position Eurocentres as the authority in the English-language learning sphere and give prospects a taste of what Eurocentres could offer in the classroom.

The day was saved

And they lived happily ever after

  • With 60k visitors per month on the Eurocentres blog, mainly via organic search results
  • Highly engaging blog posts
  • A happy, digitally savvy language school


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