“An 85% ramp-up in CTR on Instagram”

Case Story
Client: Geox
A story of a fashion brand who took social by storm
Case Story
Client: Geox
A story of a fashion brand who took social by storm

“An 85% ramp-up in CTR on Instagram”

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  • Campaign copy
    Seasonal editorial copy for Geox’s fashion lines
  • Website copy
    Social, web, email, and video copy
  • Stand out voice
    A fresh, standout brand voice
  • Social media
    Instagram posts with up to 5,000 likes

Once upon a time

GEOX needed to create all of the seasonal editorial copy, social media messaging, and video text for their 2017 fall and winter collections. With tight deadlines around the corner, they needed an experienced gang of word-slingers who could adopt their brand voice seamlessly and produce outstanding work, fast.


Help was at hand

Working with a close-knit internal team, we fashioned fresh, customer-gripping copy for GEOX. The work spanned multiple product lines, each tailored for a different audience and each with a distinct set of values and qualities that needed to ooze out through every sentence. By digging deep during the discovery process and dedicating two of our top copywriters to the project, we not only met the challenging deadlines (by working weekends and nights!) but also breathed more life into the GEOX brand voice.

We connected with their audience on an emotional level. We kept their core company philosophy running through the bloodstream of the copy.


The day was saved

• With seasonal editorial copy bibles
• Website copywriting
• Social media copywriting
• Video copywriting

And they lived happily ever after

  • With all their tight internal deadlines met
  • Copy consistency throughout digital touchpoints
  • Average CTR on Instagram (campaigns) improved by a whopping 85%
  • Instagram posts receiving up to 5,000 likes

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