“An impressive increase in website conversions”

Case Story
Client: Sisense
A story of strategic ideas, top-drawer copy and creative ideas for a BI company.
Case Story
Client: Sisense
A story of strategic ideas, top-drawer copy and creative ideas for a BI company.

“An impressive increase in website conversions”

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  • Strategic planning
    Strategic help and ideation
  • Stand out voice
    A brand voice to humanize technical topics
  • Whitepapers
    Whitepapers, blog posts and infographics
  • Website copy
    Website and landing page copy

Once upon a time

Sisense were recognised by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the EMEA and ‘visionary’ by leading industry analysts. It’s fair to say they were taking the BI industry by storm. And like many disruptive tech brands, three of their biggest ongoing challenges have been: 1) helping shape the world’s understanding of their evolving (BI) market, 2) communicating the game-changing transformation generated by their technology to the operation of their clients’ businesses, and 3) constantly creating innovative, lead-generating and client-retaining content which is as cutting edge as the technology they offer. And that’s where we step in. Amplifiers to their innovative voice and message (cue: trumpets).

Help was at hand

Working like a tight knit team with Sisense’s brand and marketing department, we’ve helped feed them strategic ideas, creativity and top drawer copy and content for over 12 months. We rustled up a voice which resonates, have humanized their technical topics with gripping stories and analogies, and continue to grow their audience and sales funnels with fresh, targeted content ideas that pack a powerful punch.

The day was saved

  • With strategic help and ideation
  • Website/landing page copy
  • Whitepapers, blog posts & infographics
  • Internal docs editing
  • Motion graphic videos

And they lived happily ever after

  • With a consistent rise in traffic and engagement
  • Increase in website conversions
  • Rise in inbound-generated leads

What They said

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