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“Journalists need new stories day in day out.
Help make their lives easier and they’ll help you too

Press releases can have a fantastic impact on your business and bottom line. Industry magazines already have the attention and trust of your ideal prospects and clients. With a solid press release strategy you can get them to market your service directly to these readers.

But it has to be done right.

The key is to get inside the heads of journalists and flip the switches that make them want to publish your story over the countless others that are being pitched to them.

That’s why we have ex-journalists on our team. The very people who used to look at dozens of press releases every day and choose which ones to publish. So we can write them in just the right way, structure the story just right, and launch a PR strategy that works. Then you reap the rewards.

  • Catnip for Journalists

    The priority of every journalist is to give awesome content to their readers. They crave good content day after day. We can shape your story into something they are grateful to receive in their inbox. By writing it well, structuring it perfectly and linking it to hot trends of the day.

  • Strong Strategy

    You need to target the right publications, in the right way, with the right press releases, over the right period of time. A rock-solid strategy always wins the day. Why not leverage our extensive experience and make sure your industry is soon buzzing with news about your brand.

  • The Right Quotes

    Quotes breathe life into a story, making it real and compelling. Let’s save a journalist the effort of finding those quotes themselves. We’ll put two or three masterful quotes into your press release, which help sell your story, company and services to the magazine and to their readers.

  • Media Training

    Not sure how to talk to the press when big stories crop up? Neither do most people. Journalists are infamous for asking tricky questions and trying to dig up dirt in order to get a good scoop. Which is why we offer media training to whoever needs it, so you can be 100% prepared for any situation.

Press releases don’t need to be hard or intimidating. Become one of the few in your industry who uses them effectively to boost your bottom line. We’ll show you how and write them for you. And of course, if we spot a flaw in your overall PR strategy, we’ll raise a red flag immediately and help you work out a way to remedy it. Whatever your budget or goals.

Get in touch immediately for more info about how we can help you with PR strategy workshops, media training and PR work.

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