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“Short, provocative
Tweets turn heads”

If you consistently send out thoughts, lessons, finds, memes, quotes and ideas to your ever-growing fan base of Twitter followers, then you’ll connect to your audience and customers in a very intimate way. Closer than your competition is.

Content marketing is all about holding a conversation with your customers. The very closest you can get to this feeling of personal time and attention (without taking them to dinner) is with a strong system of social updates and Tweets. Posting hour after hour, day after day. Drip-feeding them value, entertainment, and more value.

All, of course, carefully worked into a funnel system where your Tweets draw prospects closer and send them to your blog posts, and from there to your list, and eventually to your sales pages. But ever-so-carefully. Twitter’s not for the hard sell and the balance is an art form, which is why you should hire experts like us to handle the whole process for you. Or at least make sure your social media copy is on-brand and on-point.

  • Engage Your Followers

    Ask questions, interact, retweet, big up, shout out, and do all you can to truly get chit chat going. This is the key to using Twitter to engage your prospects. It can be hard work, so be prepared or hire a pro.

  • Powerful Promotion

    We’ll show you world-class Twitter promo techniques to boost your followers to our 30,000 follower-base and beyond. We’ve used these techniques with many clients, and we can for you too.

  • A Copywriter’s Dream

    Mastering Twitter, and any social updates, is all about copywriting headlines. Powerful, gripping, provocative messages which reach into the minds of your followers and grasp their attention.

  • Boost Your Bottom Line

    Social updates and Twitter isn’t just fun and games. To spend your time productively, it must all be part of a measured and tested strategy to increase your profits. Make sure it is, or you’ll waste time.

You can take the long route to success with Twitter and social updates, or the short way – hire us to manage it for you. We’ll teach you the systems, write all your updates, and grow your following, steadily, consistently, successfully, for as long as you like.
Alternatively, if you have a successful strategy locked down already – let us help you write your customer-gripping social updates so that you can achieve the best results possible.

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