Want Sales Copywriting that Snags, Compels and Converts?

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How many of your prospects read to the end of your sales copy?

Perhaps the number is higher than you might like.

Well, do you want to know a secret?

Lean in a bit. Please don’t share this with anyone. The truth is… most of our visitors don’t read until the end of our copy either.

‘What’s this!?’ You might shout, incredulous. ‘Copywriters who don’t get all their visitors reading until the last line? Preposterous!’

Well, the thing is, our goal isn’t to have readers absorbing every last word. We’re not in the best-selling novel-writing business. We’re in the copywriting business. And we only want one thing – results.

We want them to be so compelled to take action that they’re too impatient to finish the page. And so should you!

Our readers don’t read ‘til the last line because we don’t want them to! They take action long before the end of the sales letter, brochure or whatever piece of marketing material we put our pen to.

If we have readers reaching the last word before taking an action, then we’re not happy with that!

Our Process: Your Best Salesman in Written Form

Imagine if your best salesperson could speak to every single visitor to your site, answering all their objections, speaking to their needs. Working their magic.

We can actually give you that.

Our marketing ethos is to get to know you, your services, your sales process and most importantly your customer in great detail. And the most powerful way to do that is to interview your best salespeople as part of our research.

Using what we learn, we put that into written form adding in the most crucial, time-proven elements of effective sales copywriting. Add a sprinkle of creativity, and voila!

You have a seriously effective piece of marketing material.

Measuring is Everything

And we’re not satisfied with just throwing copy at you and saying goodbye. We want to measure your results and conversions and see how they improve.

The reason? We want your repeat business. In fact, we want all your sales copy business from now on.

And we’re confident enough that if you give us one chance, we’ll have you hooked.

See the samples of our scores of happy and successful clients to see how well it works.

And contact us right now if the thought of jumping conversion rates and profits excites you.

Still reading? Well I guess you must just love the way I write. Either that or you’re waiting for something else before you scrabble to take action.

Well, maybe this will tip the balance.

We’ll take away your risk.

Let us see your current sales material and conversion rates. If you qualify, we’ll offer to rewrite it for free. That’s right, for free. If our sales copy doesn’t increase conversions when you put it into action.

But here’s the deal. When it does increase your conversions, if you’ve taken us up on this offer, you pay double the fee.

We’ll Make Your Customers Fall Head Over Heels For You

I know – You thought Cupid’s godly talent was just a thing of Greek mythology. But the copy we create for your business is going to be so sharp, so seductive and so jam-packed full of uniquely branded personality – your target customers will be drawn to you like ants to a picnic.