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We get a lot of young (and old) bucks like you looking for a way into the world of copywriting. And yes, I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. The old catch 22 situation. You can’t land your first job without a copywriter portfolio, and you can’t build a portfolio without landing a job!

How did I get past this giant roadblock? By taking the very same copywriting course you’re about to get a discount for. An online course run by The Blackford Centre for Copywriting.

It changed everything.

How will this course make YOU a super copywriter?

We genuinely believe this is the best online copywriting course you can find – and is the easiest way to get your foot firmly into the world of professional copywriting.

Here’s why…

It’s completely flexible

Learn at your own pace, from your own home. Finish when you’re ready.

Learn from the best

You won’t only get awesome materials that teach you all the tricks of the trade. You’ll get a very experienced, first-class copywriter to tutor you, mark your work and give you invaluable feedback.

Build a winning portfolio

At the end of every course section, you’ll apply the skills you’ve learnt with a written assessment. By the end, you’ll have a portfolio with 11 samples (across all types of publicity) and the skills to take on any new project.

Get real copywriting work

Even before you’ve completed the course, you’ll be added to the institution’s database and offered real-world copywriting jobs. Yes – real paid jobs.

Get a diploma

The course has been accredited with the national accreditation body, NCFE. You’ll get a certificate and a nifty little diploma logo to whack on your website and letterheads. So companies know you’re the real deal.

Learn the trade. Not just the tricks

You’ll also learn how to set up your very own business and get those jobs rolling in!

And here’s an extra bonus

Get a fully-customizable marketing & stationery kit thrown in there for free

It’s ridiculously well-priced

Yep. ALL OF THIS for as little as £482 (for the printed edition) and £582 (for the online edition). And that’s BEFORE your discount!

60-day no quibble refund if you’re not delighted

Of course you’ll be absolutely over the moon. But just in case.

Starting to understand why we’re so darn enthusiastic about this offer?

To get your 10% discount for this truly awesome copywriting course, go to:

The Blackford Centre for Copywriting’s website now

You”ll need to call the centre on 0800 781 1715  or message them via their contact form – and quote ‘The Creative Copywriter’ – to get your fabulous discount.

This is a new offer. And a limited one. So grab the opportunity by its horns!

Once you’ve built up your winning portfolio, why not come back and show us your stuff?
If you’re any good, we may have a job for you.

Good Luck!

We’ll Make Your Customers Fall Head Over Heels For You

I know – You thought Cupid’s godly talent was just a thing of Greek mythology. But the copy we create for your business is going to be so sharp, so seductive and so jam-packed full of uniquely branded personality – your target customers will be drawn to you like ants to a picnic.

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