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My agency team and I know all-too-well how getting into writing for money can be confusing and frustrating. 

I’ve been there. 

10 years ago I hit a professional and financial wall. 

I had just settled in a new country after 3 years of gallivanting around the world. With just a string of sales jobs and short-term English teaching positions under my belt. 

I sensed there was more out there for me. But I didn’t know what.

Broke and visa-less, I began scouring the web for opportunities to make money online. 

And that’s when I started to explore the world of writing for money. And discovered copywriting. The powerful words that connect a brand with its customers.

I discovered how exciting and rewarding it was to make money with my passion for writing, harnessing my true talents. 

But with copywriting comes the need to win clients.

And I quickly discovered that it was no easy feat. In fact, you could say it was dang hard. 

Especially good clients that pay good money. 

So I buried myself neck-deep in the industry, learning from the world’s top copywriters, business experts and agency leaders.

I honed my craft. 

Improving from job to job. 

From sentence to sentence. 

I developed a unique brand that made a splash in the industry. And established an incredibly successful traffic-driving blog. Plus a sure-fire strategy for attracting and converting clients – which is when big brands from around the world came a-knocking. 

What’s more – I managed to achieve all this sitting at my kitchen table. And on a beach in Valencia. And at the top of Machu Picchu. And wherever else I wanted to be. 

TODAY, 10 years down the line…I own a world-famous copywriting agency with global clients like Tik Tok, Hyundai, Adidas and Reuters under our ever-expanding belt. 

And my lovely team and I have decided that – 


With coronavirus kneecapping the job market, now is the time to help budding freelance writers like you to break into this exciting and rewarding industry. Especially as ‘regular’ jobs are drying up elsewhere.

Now, you have the opportunity to skip 10 years of trial, error, blood, sweat and tears. 10 years that my team have spent working out socks and shoes off to reach the global success we now enjoy. 

By learning the ins and outs of becoming a successful freelance copywriter with our Freelance Copywriter Kickstarter Course.

Sounding like an opportunity you should jump on immediately?


  • What a copywriter is, why they exist and what type of copywriter you want to be
  • How to become a successful freelance copywriter, from start to finish
  • How to write like a professional copywriter, from the very basics to more advanced techniques
  • How to market yourself, win projects and make money online
  • How to tackle all the main copywriting gigs (with actional, replicable steps)
  • Branding and marketing fundamentals that need to be in every copywriter’s toolbox
  • How to nail your copywriting project by getting the best client brief
  • How to set yourself up as a freelancer and sort out the finances and legals of your new business
  • How to build relationships with clients to lock down ongoing revenue
  • And MUCH more…


Your offer is special. The 8 courses that make up the Freelance Copywriting Kickstarter bundle, are worth the following:

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Course 8: Value of $178 +VAT

You can get ALL OF THIS for $290 (+VAT), with the early bird discount. And also we like you because you downloaded our eBook. 

That’s 76% off the full price.

Of course, we don’t expect you to make that decision right this instance. 

Naturally, you’ll want to read all about the many benefits of our course bundle, have all your questions answered and feel 100% confident that this is the right fit for you. 

So go on. Find out if this is the right move for your writing career right here.

…before your early bird discount runs out.