Don’t Hire a Web Content Writer Until You Read These 7 Facts

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Content is The Most Important Element of Your Website

And I’m sure you agree.

It’s the words you use that engage your visitors, express your message, and entice them to take action and buy your product or service.

With this immense importance of your web content in mind, of course your choice of writer is something to take seriously. Very seriously.

Here are seven factors you should look out for in a web content writer, and how we provide them all and more…

1. Experience

Nothing beats experience with web copywriting and content creation. There’s no point hiring a writer who doesn’t have an awesome, extensive sample of web copy to show you, with many, many happy customers.

Take a look at our portfolio for the ideal example.

2. Reliability

There are not many qualities more important in a copywriter than this one.

For your business, timing and promptness is everything. Any delay in delivering the service can lead to all kinds of knock-on setbacks and problems for your business.

We never miss a deadline; a record we don’t intend to break.

3. Creativity

To not only stand out but burst out from the crowd, you must have something unique. Something special, enticing and compelling about the way your copy is expressed.

Something that speaks to your audience, and ignites their imagination.

Tired old clichés and boring phrases just won’t get you anywhere near this. If you want to be the best, hire the best.

Our creativity is our identity, and we always take the time to help our clients shine in their own unique way. Drawing prospects and clients like moths to a light bulb.

4. Extensive, Patient Research

Your website reflects you and your unique message. You worked hard to build your business to the point it’s at now, so don’t blow it all away with hasty, lazy copywriting.

We always take the time to learn and know our clients intimately. Because we want results, and your custom for the long run. Most of our clients come back again and again and we build long-term relationships with them.

We do this by taking the extra time necessary to get to know their products and services inside out. And the web content on your site reflects this masterful knowledge.

5. Understanding of Business Structure and Strategy

Every word and sentence on your site holds a purpose. It does more than just fill space and entertain. It’s part of the buying and marketing cycle – words are the lifeblood of your business.

Any copywriter who doesn’t understand the structure and processes of a successful business cannot produce truly effective web content.

We have helped businesses to grow from scratch and thrive. Never-ending study of marketing and wider business strategy is as important to us as the study of cutting edge copywriting skills.

That’s the level of skill and dedication we bring to your project. Why would you settle for less?

6. Natural Talent

When it comes to writing that stands out and sings above the page, writing that grasps you and won’t let go, writing that makes you smile and want to buy, there is always an element you can’t teach at copywriting school. And that is simply natural talent.

Every writer at The Creative Copywriter has lived and breathed the written word since before they can remember. It’s more than business to us; it’s a burning passion and a deep love for the craft.

That is the kind of heart you want behind your web content creation. And the kind of attitude you want to shine from your website pages.

7. Crystal Clear Communication

There’s nothing worse than doubting whether your freelancer properly understood what you were trying to express.

For us, communication is everything. It’s together that we can create the web content you truly desire. A team effort, and an ever-evolving one. So don’t expect any unanswered emails or unclear agreements with this outfit. We’re here to reflect you in the best possible way.


We’ll Make Your Customers Fall Head Over Heels For You

I know – You thought Cupid’s godly talent was just a thing of Greek mythology. But the copy we create for your business is going to be so sharp, so seductive and so jam-packed full of uniquely branded personality – your target customers will be drawn to you like ants to a picnic.