Brand Voice Guidelines

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room,”
~Jeff Bezos

A strong brand voice lets you charge premium prices and stand out from the crowd like a bolt of lightning in a stormy sky. Brand gives your service impact. Character. Trustworthiness. And a glue-like hold on your prospect’s mind.

For this, your brand copy must be carefully designed and consistent. Let us create your unique tone of voice, and give you crystal clear brand voice guidelines to keep all your communications on track thereafter.  

We’ll help you build a brand that becomes synonymous with your USP – the value you offer above and beyond what anyone else can. A name and presence that radiates charm and likeability. A brand that sticks in the memory and doesn’t fall out. A brand your customers come to know and trust like an old friend.

  • Stop Competing on Price

    Do you compete on price? It’s likely your brand isn’t strong enough. A company without a brand is just a commodity, indistinguishable from the competition, except by its price. But a strong brand speaks of premium quality, a good reason to pay more. Let’s get your brand up there.

  • Show Character

    The strongest brands express character through and through. Every interaction in their service and content rings with personality clear and clean as a struck bell on a quiet day. Let’s help you develop a brand character that resonates with your ideal prospect, earning their trust, liking and business.

  • Express Values

    Today consumers like to identify with the values of a company, product and service. A brand can stand for values your prospects hold dear. So you fit their identity, and become a name they like to say and be associated with. Think of the brands you know and love. Let’s get you among them.

  • Boost Customer Value

    The quickest way to boost your profits isn’t just new prospects. You can also increase the value you get from each customer, and how long they stay with you, coming back for more. Brand loyalty is the best way to do it. Let’s help you build a brand personality your customers crave for life.

We can write all your brand copy for you, or give you brand voice guidelines that will allow you to hold true to your brand identity in every piece of communication from here on out. Whether it’s a tiny tweet or a 15,000 word whitepaper.

We also run branding and re-branding workshops for companies that need to dig deep and explore their identity. We help you identify USPs, brand values, your brand positioning, brand culture, brand personality and your unique tone of voice.

Get in touch today to understand how. And why we’re the best bunch to take you through it.

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