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It’s not only about the words. It’s the robust plan backing them up.

If you’re thinking ‘we need a better content strategy’, you’re already on the right path. It’s time to leave behind a scattergun approach to content. And we’re ready to make yours strategy-powered. (In fact, we were born ready.)


We’re pretty nice 

Here are the content strategy services we bring to your table:

In-depth insights and research

A true outside-in approach starts with getting to know your customers in a structured way. Truly listening to what they’re saying. And using the insights to make smart content decisions.

Here’s how we do it:


Understand your buyers’ pains, triggers, desires, barriers and journeys – through interviews, surveys and SEO keyword research.


Identify gaps in the market with an in-depth competitor content analysis.


Take a long, hard look at your own content with an audit. Yep, it’s not easy to face the truth. But so worth it.

Planning the Big Picture

To get where you want to go, you need to align your goals. Looking at the Big Picture makes sure nothing is missed and everyone’s rowing in the same direction. 

Here’s how we do it:


Look at the landscape with a good ol’ SWOT analysis. (Who doesn’t love a SWOT?)


Find your edge so you don’t get washed up on the shore of sound-alikes.


Analyse the data you have. Then set realistic goals based on our analysis.

Customer journey mapping

Dig deep into the journey your customers take as they’re experiencing your brand. Carefully mapping this out gives you clarity around gaps, putting leaky funnels in the past. Where they belong.

Here’s how we do it:


Start with your current customer touchpoints from traffic through to sale and beyond.


Identify gaps in the journey and where content can fill them.


Create a (fancy) flowchart called a customer acquisition map (CAM) that follows the journey through each stage of a four-part funnel (hint: there’s one stage that most marketers miss).

Content bucket creation

Avoid the common pitfall of spreading your content topics far, wide and random. Content buckets give your content purpose and direction. And most of all, make sure you’re offering true value to your customers.

Here’s how we do it:


Pick out overarching themes that all content topics will fall under and assign a ‘weight’ to each. This stops the scattergun in its tracks.


Hone in on your buyers – what stage of awareness are they at? What questions do they need answering? And what can you be an authority on?


Understand what your competitors are talking about, and what your prospects are searching for (with our trusty SEO tools) – then find gaps to exploit.

Content format development

People consume content differently. Our tastes aren’t all one and the same. We can help you plan the types of content your customers are going to love – and that will help nudge them further down the funnel.

Here’s how we do it:


Find the content formats your buyers will love. Especially ones your competitors aren’t using.


Prioritise your content formats using your customer acquisition map (CAM). We’ll get you sorted with either a quarterly, six-monthly or yearly content plan.


Get to grips with the funnel and where your audience are. It looks a bit like this:

– ToFu: Social posts, blog posts, infographics, value-driven videos
– MoFu: Landing pages, offers, forms, gated lead magnets, explainer videos, FAQs
– BoFu: Email drip campaigns, lead nurturing, case studies, web copy
– AfFu: Referral marketing & cross-sell drips, customer advocacy programmes

Lead magnet and email drip planning

95% of your target prospects aren’t ready to buy (yet). You’ll need to take them on a few dates, at least, before you pop the question. We’ll create value-packed lead magnets and email drips to build trust and loyalty. 

Here’s how we do it:


Create high-value content assets and gate them. That way you capture customer contact info and nurture them like they deserve.


Plan email drip campaigns that offer a ton of value from the get-go. Then slowly spice up the sales copy as the drip develops.


Plan the next step – do you want them to contact you for a call? Sign up for a demo? Register for a webinar? We’ll help you plan that minimum viable commitment (MVC).

Strategic review and refinement

It’s not enough to do all the work then kick back. We’ll review how the strategy is working for your brand and then define and refine, like a fine wine.

Here’s how we do it:


Get clearly defined KPIs based on each content type (eg. CTA clicks for a landing page, open rates for an email campaign, downloads for a lead magnet).


Set benchmarks based on your previous results for the same content type.


We’ll track each metric, eg. using Google Analytics or similar tools and set regular milestones for review.

Sounding like something your content is crying out for?

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