Why Neal Schaffer Called My Social Media Tactics ‘Aggressive’!

The very best way in the world to write sales copy is this.

Get your best salesperson to sell you the product. Face to face, as though you’re a customer.

Record it.

Then get them to counter the top 5 objections customers give him or her. Record that too.

Transcribe the recordings, and you’re 80% there. Just have someone who knows sales copywriting clean it up a bit, and close it strongly.

And Voila!

Killer sales copy.

Why is it so darn good?

Copywriting is salesmanship in print.

And your best salesman or woman knows your product and how to sell it better than anybody on the planet. They’ve done it hundreds or thousands of times. They know what the customer worries about and what objections they might have.

They know how to trigger the emotions that will get your customer to buy.

Your sales page created this way will have the most important selling points bang up front, right at the top. It will ask the right questions. It will be benefits, benefits, benefits. It will lead smoothly towards a strong close and call to action. And best of all…

It will sound so wonderfully personal, just like someone is talking directly to you.

Give it a try!

But please…

…don’t tell anyone we taught you this powerful sales copywriter tip. It’s kind of a secret. Some over-charging copywriters might hate us for sharing it 😉



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About the author

Konrad Sanders
Creative Director & Copywriter at The Creative Copywriter

Hey you. I’m Konrad. An SEO and sales-savvy copywriter with a pretty darn creative noggin on my shoulders. I run a team of word-slinging cowboys who go by the name of The Creative Copywriter. Let’s connect!


  1. Hey Konrad!

    Nice post 😉

    Yes, your tactics in social are aggressive, but as you say, it has generated results for you. This is because behind those tactics there is an intelligent and authentic person who anyone would love to spend a few hours in a London pub drinking with (NOTE: That was ALE, NOT lager that we were drinking 😉

    I, as well as many others, appreciate your creative engagement. The challenge, though, is that what you do in social has to be authentic to who you are as a person or your business is as a brand. In that aspect, someone who reads this post and merely copies your tactics will not be nearly as effective as you were. Social = 1/2 science + 1/2 art, right? YOU are the artist my friend!

    For instance, I’ve been asked some pretty targeted questions recently by a follower, but when I looked at their profile they were 1) working for a social media agency [why should I give away my IP for free?] and 2) all of their tweets were either asking social media questions to providers of social media dashboards or myself!!! Needless to say, although I might have answered the first question, I have ignored the rest.

    Obviously the missing link to this is how much this social media engagement has resulted in increased business. Knowing you, I’d say it has – but for many that do engagement for engagement’s sake without a strategy and tactics that are unique to them, it will be very hard to replicate what you have done, my friend 😉

    Keep you creative mojo flowing Konrad!

    1. Author

      Cheers Neal!

      I completely agree. Which is kinda my point at the end… different tactics work for different brands, and my ‘aggressive’ approach probably won’t be right for most. Although maybe a couple of the tricks I’ve used will.

      Hopefully, though, I’ve encouraged people to think outside the box (excuse the cliché), to be disruptive, and to use influencer marketing to their advantage; however they decide to go about it.

      But yes, personality and authenticity are crucial.

      Cheers for dropping by mate. And for inspiring this post!

  2. My oh my Konrad! What a fabulous post! Thanks for the shoutout btw 😉 I had a blast meeting you and the rest of the gang. I think your results speaks for itself and there are some tactics here I might even have a go at trying. Kudos to you for putting yourself out there and creating an engaging community around you in a very short space of time. I have to say, I could never pull this off the way you have because I know no one will believe I’m that cocky! 😉 But you are being your authentic self and that is really a huge currency in the online world. Keep up the good work Konrad! I’m excited to see your star rising higher and higher!

  3. Great post and comment by Neal.
    Konrad when you say be aggressive I think that’s a great tactic and some of the people who read it will definitely use it to good advantage but as Neal says you have to be authentic and true to yourself, if you’re not then it’s only a matter of time before your found out.

    My wit is the thing that’s unique to me and I find I can sometimes say something on and offline that gets me into trouble. But I don’t mind as I have been a lover of disruptive marketing for a long-time now and more should try it. 😉

    I also think it’s a great point that we ask influencers questions but I would rather engage in a conversation than ask questions, but that’s just because I like to know what makes them ‘tick’ and find out a little more of ‘what lies beneath’.

    Great thought provoking post and could be the topic of conversation for months if not years to come.

  4. Hi Konrad,

    I subscribed to your blog out of sheer interest. My parent field is very remote from yours, rural development in areas so remote they are often devoid of telephonic connections, let alone internet. But now I’m moving away from that field, to try and become a marketing coach for women entrepreneurs in rural areas. Which is how I got interested in content marketing, SEO, online advertising, etc…..and how one fine day I came upon your blog.

    I agree, everytime I come I can feel a tinge of agressivity, but…and that’s a big BUT, as I’m now reading for an MBA in Marketing as well as a Certificate in Copywriting, I have come to appreciate the desirability of a modicum of agressivity in a pro-blog. Indeed, everytime I visit your blog, I learn something new not only from the content but also from the way you present & market your blog, and this makes the takeaway experience a lot richer.

    I have so far enjoyed reading your posts and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. In due course of time, I intend to start pro-blogging myself, applying many of the fine marketing lessons learnt from the way you address your readers. Agreed, authenticity and creativity, but fear not, you are amply endowed in these attributes.

    As the French say, “Bonne Continuation!”

    – Ram

    1. Author

      Cheers Ram – I’m honoured that you can come to our blog and take away actionable value. I’m also glad you feel a tinge of aggressivity, because that makes me stand out – which is the aim of the game, right? Plus I’m starting to like being known as the ‘bad boy of social media’ (that’s a self-proclaimed title).

      Thanks for these compliments; I’m blushing behind my laptop screen. And I’ll do my best to remain authentic, creative and to dish out valuable content for y’all every week.

      Good luck with your marketing and copywriting endeavours!

  5. Now, Konrad, I’ve been reading your posts for quite sometime now since I started interning at Access Leo Burnett-Nairobi Kenya. Shout out from this side of the Sub-Saharan 🙂 My two cents here would be-just like Neal said, honesty and being true to who you are whether online or offline is the catch. I imagine if Neal would have invited you for the lager or ale or whatever that was only to find you were such a timid guy who hides behind the keyboard. What a disappointment! In my short period here, I’ve learnt that being cocky especially in copywriting sets you apart especially in Africa where this industry is just taking off. I like being cocky in my copy because that’s who Riccky is. Keep the content flowing man. Africa is fetching.

    1. Author

      Hey Riccky – thanks for your two cents mate!

      As I just said to Ram, I really do feel honoured that you guys are reading our posts regularly and taking away something each time, even if it’s just a couple of giggles.

      Keep up the cocky attitude. It gets you places. And I’ll do my best to keep the content flowing… been slacking the last couple of weeks as we’re going through a rebrand – which is going to be shit-hot! So watch this space 🙂

  6. Hello Konrad,
    Great piece! First time I have been exposed to your writing. Glad I was wearing shades! This is bright stuff! It’s great to hear such a strong voice in social media. I appreciate how you were able to turn a few beers with Neal and friends into a stellar event we could enjoy and profit from.

    1. Author

      Hey Eric.
      Thanks for your kind words mate, I appreciate them. And I only hope that every time I go for beers with friends, it can lead to such a valuable lesson (sadly, I doubt this will always be the case!)

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