Beef Up Your Branding With 9 Of The Best B2B Copywriting Examples

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Remember that one scene in The Incredibles

As the onion-haired antagonist, Syndrome, shares his evil scheme with the trapped Mr. Incredible in his subterranean lair, he ends his villainous tirade: 

“When everyone’s super, no one will be.”

Maniacal laughter and cape-flapping aside, he’s got a point.

When everyone claims to be the best, everything suddenly sounds… 


The same could be said for copy. Especially when it comes to B2B writing. 

Time and time again, you’ll wade through the same “harder, better, faster, stronger” rhetoric until everything starts to sound like a Daft Punk lyric.

But as a B2B writer, how do you draw inspiration from other B2B brands, without parroting the same old shallow buzzwords? 

It’s a sink-or-swim world out there – you know more than anyone how great your brand is, and the trick is to make your target audience believe it. The second they smell BS, you’ve lost them.

So, to keep you a million miles away from BS and buzzwords, we’ve gathered our favourite no-nonsense, maximum-impact B2B copywriting examples from brands that are smashing it at standing out. 


What makes great B2B copywriting?

Before the super-juicy part (I know, I’m excited too), let’s rewind and recap the basics. 

Amazing copy can come from anywhere from within the four walls of the TCC office to the far-flung corners of the world.

But the world is big, and time is short. 

So we’ve put together a quickfire checklist of some (but not all) tips and tricks to make your B2B copywriting excellent. It’s a great jumping-off point, so keep these hints close at hand:

  • Your ideal audience (AKA do you know who I am?) without knowing who you’re talking to, you’ve already flopped. Don’t shy away from researching the businesses you’re trying to reach – understand their needs, interests, and pain points.
  • Your headline (AKA your super-snappy shop window) – if your headline doesn’t make people stop walking/scrolling/everything and make them do a Wallace-And-Gromit-style double-take, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.
  • Your benefits (AKA what’s in it for me?) benefits over features, any day of the week. RIP to many B2B brands who have lost their way to the endless litany of new features on their Product pages.
  • Your call-to-action (AKA do something!) if your reader doesn’t know what to do next after reading your copy, they just won’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Make it clear.
  • Short and sweet (AKA I got places to be!) any copy needs to be concise and scannable, but particularly B2B copy that may be more complex to digest. So make it super easy for your reader with short, snack-sized paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings.


Our favourite top B2B copy examples 

These B2B brands decided to shake off the status quo and put their great copy chops to use. 

Their new, engaging, and effective content reaches new B2B audiences from the word ‘go’. 

Let’s take a look.


What do they do?

Slite is a collaborative note-taking and knowledge base SaaS tool. 

It lets users easily create, organise, and share information within an organisation from one centralised platform, making it handy for teams that need to manage a large amount of knowledge. 

Its offering includes real-time collaboration, version control, task management, team communication, and integrations with other tools such as Slack and Trello.

What makes this copy so effective?

The first thing we noticed? 

It’s so clean

Short, sweet, and easily skimmable headings and subheadings, all of which start with verbs to drive the reader to action. 

The tagline that it “helps teams escape the chaos of information overload” also deserves a chef kiss for its simple but emotive language. 


Information architecture takes centre stage, to great effect. The carousel adapts with mini headers for each use case – from Wiki to the AI Assistant (and we loooove our AI at TCC) – making navigation a breeze. 

And that’s just the homepage.

Do yourself a solid and check out the interactive Product and Knowledge Base pages for a crash course in great copy (spot the PAS model!) and very snazzy content design


What do they do?

Enter Falkor: a data investigations platform that lets analysts gather, compare, and evaluate data from multiple different sources in one handy place. 

Used by law enforcement, financial institutions, social platform moderators, and cyber threat intelligence alike, it effectively harnesses the power of big data to crack the case and catch the bad guys, all from one platform.

Like RoboCop meets Cagney & Lacey, all packaged together with a neat little B2B bow.

What makes this copy so effective?

One thing’s for sure – Falkor well and truly calls out its customers, with separate headers for each ideal audience across different sectors and use cases.

With verbs like “create”, “protect”, and “supercharge” featuring prominently on the copy, it’s hard for the reader not to feel safer with this tech. 

Combine that with the no-nonsense, ultra-short headers on the Product page, and Falkor effectively establishes its position as large and in charge in the world of cybersecurity.

(Oh – and we wrote this copy, BTW.)


What do they do?

Notion is a powerful productivity and real-time collaboration tool that helps people manage their work more efficiently. 

Its project management, task tracking tools, and integrations with Google Drive, Trello, and Slack make Notion a firm favourite within the world of B2B.

Users can create pages, databases, calendars, and to-do lists (who doesn’t love a to-do list?), and also embed files, media, and other external content to build from the ground up. 

What makes this copy so effective?

While Notion’s copy tips towards the “Harder Better Faster Stronger” side of the scales, it’s been careful and more clever than relying on hyperbole.

You have the social proof “Millions run on Notion every day” – a FOMO-generating statement that can be hard for many to resist, especially with logos from big-name brands listed right underneath.

One part we’re a BIG fan of? The use of “finally” in headings. 

“Finally, all your work in one place”. 

It’s simple, but tells the reader “Eureka! You’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for. Now stop looking at our competitors, and look at US!”

Without the cringe factor of actually saying it.


What do they do?

You’ve been living under a very large rock If you haven’t come across Mailchimp before. 

But just in case you actually have been rock-dwelling, here’s a quick lowdown – it’s an email marketing and automation platform that lets businesses create and manage email campaigns, newsletters, and automated messages.

It has a whole myriad of offerings up its sleeve – customisable templates, email list segmentation, drip campaigns, and a whole other bunch of popular B2B goodies.

Plus the logo is a little monkey, and who can say no to a winking chimp?

Winking. Chimp.

What makes this copy so effective?

“Turn Emails into Revenue”. 

Now that’s what we in the biz call a mic drop.

Four words, but that’s all it needs. Short, punchy, and to the point, this first header is great for any marketer on the go who needs info fast.

Another method great for skim-reading? Facts, figures, and stats. 

And Mailchimp’s copy is chock-full of these. 

Because let’s be real – “Generate up to 4x more orders” and “Get up to 88% more revenue” sounds way better of a deal than a non-specific “generate more orders” and “get more revenue” ever could.


What do they do?


Agrocrops sources, processes, and exports peanuts. 

Any way you can imagine peanuts – from shelled, to peanut oil, and even biofuel – Agrocops gets the goods.

Like that one song from Shooting Stars, literally everything is peanuts.

They work directly with farmers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality peanuts, distributing its products globally through its worldwide network of buyers and partners worldwide. 

All while promoting sustainable and responsible agriculture practices.

What makes this copy so effective?

In the end, we go more nuts for this copy than a rabid squirrel.

The tagline of “we sow, you reap” pays homage to its commitment to sustainability, while also adding a cheeky farming pun to the mix. 

In fact, the copy on the homepage really comes through on the pun game, with the Careers section saying “Work with us, and you’ll get more than just peanuts.” 

What kind of copywriting clever clogs came up with this?

(Actually, it was us. Sorry not sorry, we loved it too much not to flex our peanut pun prowess.) 


What do they do?

Automation is the name of the game for Zapier, a web-based tool that lets you connect your favorite apps and automate workflows between them. 

Create “Zaps”, automated workflows that connect two or more apps to trigger actions. Then create custom integrations between more than 3,000 apps like Gmail, Slack, Trello, and Salesforce. 

Long story short, it saves you valuable time by streamlining workflows for automating repetitive tasks.

What makes this copy so effective?

Zapier really brings out the big guns with their homepage copy, with an emphasis on ease, time-saving, and of course, watching the pennies.

Short, snappy headlines! Rhyming copy with catchy rhythms! Alliteration all around!

All perfect ingredients to get people homing in on that ‘Sign Up’ button.

Drop-down menus for each audience, use case, and stat keep the homepage looking spick and span. 

And they appeared to channel the spirit of Steve Jobs with that “5,000+ apps, infinite possibilities” headline. Minus the turtleneck.


What do they do?

Paintbrush offers loans and funding for fresh-faced new startups and scale-ups in need. 

It’s a handy alternative to the usual funding routes for small businesses and startups – no more angel investors, bootstrapping, or equity investors. 

So Paintbrush helps newbies gain investment earlier in the startup process, serving as a starting point for further scaling.

What makes this copy so effective?

Paintbrush’s copy has personality by the bucketful, putting the ‘fun’ back into funding. 

Their brand voice doesn’t opt for style over substance, though – it’s still really clear from the copy what their offering is, and who their target audience is.

It’s also clear that Paintbrush doesn’t shy away from controversy. Their Product page literally includes a section called “Rest easy if everything goes to hell”, walking would-be start-up CEOs through what happens if things don’t go quite to plan.

There’s a sweet dichotomy of ‘angel’ and ‘hell’ content. And we’re here for it.


What do they do?

HiBob is a cloud-based platform to help businesses manage and streamline their HR processes, from employee onboarding and benefits administration to performance management.

Everything an HR pro could ever need is popped into HiBob’s nifty systems. 

Automated onboarding workflows, time-off management, and employee engagement tools? You’ll be more kitted out than Batman’s gadget belt. 

Bat-Ice Skates and all. 

It’s also got analytics and reporting tools to help track key HR metrics and gain insights into their workforce, plus integrating with payroll systems and employee communication tools.

What makes this copy so effective?

In the spirit of absolute unhumble-bragging, HiBob is one of our clients, too. And by golly, did we have fun with this one.

“ModernHR for Modern Business” makes for a wonderful first impression with a big bold headline. 

Does what it says on the tin, with bonus alliteration. 

The subheaders alone are great for skimming, but the extra eyebrow copy – “Say hi to HR tech that…” – treats those readers who want to digest every word to some repetition, keeping them interested and moving their eye down the list with that ‘what’s next’ factor.

‘Watch This Demo’ is also a very smart first CTA on the page. 

Because how much easier is it to quickly watch something, than processing tonnes of text when you’re in a hurry on the hunt for HR software? 

Give us a spoon, because we could eat it all up and leave absolutely no room for dessert.


What do they do?

In short, Toddle makes web development a doddle.

It lets users create professional-looking websites and web apps quickly and easily without the need for coding or tech expertise.

Toddle is also super meta. 

Because everything from the Toddle website to the Toddle platform… was built using Toddle. 

(Cue shock-and-awe cries of “Say whaaaaat?”)

What makes this copy so effective?

Straight-up social proof with top ratings from ProductHunt take front and centre of the homepage, with that neat interactive module underneath for visitors to play about with.

Those CTAs on the homepage are also great examples of non-pushy, almost playful ways for you to try out Toddle for yourself, without it feeling salesy or gimmicky. 

Even the “Copy template” CTA gives you that immediate value straight away by allowing you to test out the code right away on your own budding website.

And with such a vital emphasis on community builds, it makes total sense to highlight their socials and direct devs to join in the conversation on YouTube, Twitter, and Discord to share their projects and tutorials. 

(And what a great experience it’s been using Toddle, of course.)

B2B, easy as 1-2-3 

All in all, these examples prove that B2B copywriting doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, it’s sometimes better when it’s not.

Because at the end of it all, you want to appeal to people. Your people. 

Look a little deeper at the types of businesses you’re trying to attract. Dig into the people you want to reach within the four walls of the company, and don’t get trapped in the pitfalls of superlatives. 

In short – be real. And they’ll find you.

Armed with the handy checklist at the start, and these prime examples from a wide range of B2B companies from across the globe, prepare to be inspired, and own it.


Download our FREE, expert eBook to unravel the mysteries of high converting copy.


Download our FREE, expert eBook to unravel the mysteries of high converting copy.

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