The 7 Yummiest Food Blogs to Follow in 2014 (in no particular order)

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Got a new year’s resolution to clean up your diet? Or just want some inspiration to spice up the kitchen?

These brilliant food blogs should definitely be on your must-follow list, then. Get ready for some seriously tasty food blogging – salivate over stylish food-porn, drool over dream-worthy recipes, and surprise yourself with some deliciously healthy treats that will make tasteless ‘diet food’ a thing of the past.

PS. If you want to become an awesomely eloquent food blogger yourself, you can definitely pick up a trick or two from these guys…

1. Thug kitchen

Not a place for wimpy chefs, frou-frou recipes, or meat. This is vegan food, gangster style.

Kick-ass healthy eating that shows you it’s not as hard as you think, realistic recipes that don’t need a small lab to prepare, droolsome photography and plenty of f-bombs to help all the veggies go down. There’s little wonder why it’s racked up hundreds of thousands of followers – including Gwyneth Paltrow.

Need any more encouragement?

2. Oh she glows

If you’d like your eats with a slightly gentler touch, this will get you fantasising over your measily lunch.

Angela Liddon is living the dream – after first quitting the rat race to set up her own bakery – then closing the ovens to snag her own glossy cookbook deal. Her blog is a wonderland of gorgeous photography, and health and fitness pointers that just make it so effortlessly easy.

Urgh. You won’t be able to pull yourself away.

3. Paleomg

Healthy eating isn’t all kale shakes and meat-free Sunday roasts. If you’ve not yet discovered Paleo eating (have you been hiding in a cave?) then now’s the time to embrace it.

PaleOMG has some truly delicious recipes to pick from – that show you that eating healthily doesn’t mean having to go on some mega-restrictive diet.

4. Dinner a love story

Cooking isn’t all about fabulous dinner parties or experimental, scrape-the-explosions-off-the-ceiling cooking for one. Some of us have families. With fussy kids and fussier partners. And we’d like, once in a while, to see some recipes that they might actually enjoy eating, without someone having a major meltdown.

If that sounds like you, then DALS will be your saviour.

5. The albrecht

Want to make yourself feel really bad about your cooking skills? Take a trip to the Albrecht dot com.

Run by a pair of sisters, scroll through posts with titles like “A Weekend in Paradise”, while trying to keep your rampaging envy in check.

6. Crepes of wrath

A blog named after a Simpsons episode is already off to a good start.

Don’t presume this is all about crepe-y goodness, though that wouldn’t go amiss – this blog is all about gorgeous, exquisitely presented food, inspired by a truly globe-trotting spirit, and armed with a very good eye for what makes your mouth water.

I mean, you can practically taste it off your screen – it’s just not fair!

7. Brooklyn supper

Sometimes you don’t need any gimmicks at all. Sometimes all that’s needed to give a blog a coveted place on your bookmarks list is no nonsense, pure, beautiful food.

Brooklyn Supper delivers that up by the ladle-ful. Delicious seasonal ingredients that you could probably find in your own local, and simple, unfussy, lovingly presented dishes – that might just get you cracking out a pan or two.

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Want to get inside your prospects’ minds and sell more?

Download our FREE, expert eBook to unravel the mysteries of high converting copy.


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These are great, thanks.
I especially love this Thug Kitchen blog – how funny! The question is, how often will I actually get round to following the recipes. I find myself being lazy with cooking, unless it is a special occassion.

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