Webinar & Podcast Scripts

“Captive audience, sky-high conversions, networking goldmine, industry leaders helping you –
why wouldn’t you webinar and podcast!?”

Your customers love podcasts and webinars. These days everybody does. A good webinar or podcast is a way for them to get inside the mind of market leaders, or industry bigshots, for an hour or two. It’s entertaining, educational and easy to digest.

And for you, the brand, it’s the best possible way to become a trusted name with a captive and passionate audience in your market. You can use each podcast to sell your service, or other great services you have found as an affiliate. And your audience will thank you for it.

The reasons for webinars and podcasts are endless. All you require is time and the right strategy to set them up, promote them, network and create consistent content. That’s where we come in.

  • Leverage Influencers

    In every webinar or podcast you can invite an influential guest who has their own gigantic fan base. A following of people who are also interested in what you have to offer. The content is created by the dynamite info the influencer has in their minds, and many of their followers will start to follow you too. Let us help.

  • Potent Promotion

    The systems you use to promote your podcast or webinar every week makes a big difference to how steeply your profits rise. We have developed, tried and tested extremely effective cutting-edge promotion systems, which we’re more than happy to put into play for your show.

  • Network Like Crazy

    ‘Hey, I have my own show and would love to pick your brains.’ When you have your own show (no matter how basic) you have the perfect reason to approach anyone you like to talk ideas, partnership, business and beyond. Is there a better networking tool on the planet? We think not.

  • Convert, Measure, Tweak

    Every podcast should make you money. Not only from riding the general wave of increased fame, recognition and brand trust. But also from promoting products or services during the podcast itself, or at least, driving subscribers into your lead nurturing funnel (which will eventually turn them into buyers). You can measure conversions and improve on it every time, until you have it down to an art form.

Better yet, start with our systems and cut out the learning curve. We’ll plan your entire podcast or webinar strategy, script what needs scripting, work out the right marketing approach, promote it and even do the whole thing for you if you want. Get in touch now to find out how.

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