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“Grab them, hold them, excite them,
convert them”

It’s simple. You want your website or landing page to breed paying customers, right?

Every single page on your site should work tirelessly towards this goal. Which is something we never lose sight of. And why our clients see results.

Too many websites out there (and even landing pages) do a lousy job of this. So when your website speaks out to your audience with clarity, power, purpose, and uniquely-branded personality, you’ll stand out like a diamond among gravel.

Whether landing page or general website copy, you need to understand the conversation your prospect is already having in his or her own head. And you need to join that conversation, immediately, using words they understand. So they stick around, keep reading, and buy.

  • Grip attention

    In the first two seconds you should hammer your prospect with an ‘instant clarity headline’ that seizes their attention. So they simply must read on. We’ll learn your prospects’ deepest problems and desires; how they think and speak. And we’ll use this to grip their attention in a vice, the moment they land on your page.

  • Create trust

    The biggest resistance to buying is lack of trust. There are many elements every webpage or landing page must have to inspire this trust. You’re already trust-worthy but the trick is expressing this clearly in the first few seconds visitors come across your brand. We know the tricks to make this happen.

  • Raise emotions

    Buying decisions are made on emotion, then justified with logic. As your prospect moves through your website, we’ll make sure their emotions are cranked up to ten. They’ll feel the pain of their problem, and feel rising excitement from the solution you offer. Until ‘no’ is just not an option.

  • Convert

    With attention, emotion and trust gained, all you need to do is tell them to buy. Your call to action must be crystal clear, with no distractions. Your entire website should warm your prospect up to this moment, taking them on a perfectly-planned journey. And doing it right is an art form. Luckily for you, we’ve perfected the art.

Clarity is power. Prospects today have shorter attention spans than ever before. If you cannot express just the right message with crystal clarity on your webpage or landing page, then you’ll lose them. Let us make sure your prospects stay, read, smile and convert.

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