8 Ways Your Tinder Skills Can Help You Win at Influencer Marketing

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On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?

Cringing yet? How about this one…

Is your name Parking Ticket? Because you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.

If you’re not ready to gouge your own eyes out by now, I have no words for you anymore.

(Ok, I’m lying, I’ll always have words for you lovely person).

But both of the above one-liners are a surefire way to repel any poor unsuspecting Tinder user.

And no, I don’t suggest you try these little gems out on an influencer. Skill means skill and these won’t be winning any hearts, I can tell you now.

And if these words have ever come out of your mouth in anything but jest, you need to get back to basics, my friend.

This post is for those of you with game…not shame.

I’m going to show you how to get influencers swiping right, using those romantic Tinder ways of yours…I know you’ve got it in you!

But first up;


According to Business Dictionary.com influencers are

individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position or relationship.

They are the celebrities and thought-leaders in your industry, who your potential customers respect and listen to.

By building relationships and collaborating with them, you can tap into their huge follower-base. You can channel their all-powerful influence. You can fast-track your content marketing efforts to success.

Imagine if the top Youtuber in your field endorsed your product or service in front of their hundred thousand avid viewers. Or thirty world-renowned industry experts contributed to a list post on your site and shared it with their huge combined following.

Powerful stuff, right?

Yep. But not only do you have to break through the noise of the competition to catch their attention, you have to keep it too. No one wants to be a flash in the pan in the eyes of their beloved.

Time to dissect those Tinder skills and learn the art of influencer seduction…Ready?

Don’t be shy.


Swipe right way more than you swipe left? That’s your first mistake.

Don’t take a scattergun approach and choose every influencer you stumble across. Make sure you’re choosing brand-relevant influencers that can have an impact on your business reach.

Spreading the love far and wide may not be as effective as focused, relevant targeting.

As Rishadullah Shaikh points out in this article

Getting Justin Bieber to tweet about you might not bring in the right kind of audience for your SaaS business (12-year-old girls don’t really need that project management software you are building)

TOP TIP: Identify the influencers who are going to float your marketing boat, using tools like KloutKred and Buzzsumo.


Be honest, what’s your success rate of swiping right when you just know you’re punching?

Hmm, thought so.

You have to be realistic about who’s likely to respond to your ‘advances’, however alluring you may be.

Richard Branson, Kim Kardashian or Seth Godin are unlikely to play along unless you’re already in ‘their league’ of influence. And you’re probably not. Unless you own a multi-billion dollar airline (in which case you’re probably not on Tinder).

TOP TIP: Follow this definitive guide to influencer targeting, to make sure you’re picking influencers who will reciprocate your attention.


You’ve only got so much love to give. There’s a limit to the number of meaningful conversations you can have with influencers and potential partners on a regular basis and make sure you’re doing a damn good job.

Hone in on 30-50 powerful influencers to start with and really give them the attention they deserve. Or 10-15, if that’s the capacity you have.

There’s nothing more unattractive than knowing your exact conversation is happening in every corner of the digital world. Allow yourself the time to be unique, targeted and ‘real’ with each influencer.

TOP TIP: A cheeky little tool called Buzzstream can help you research and prioritise influencers in your industry, so you’re only going for influential sharers who will be receptive to your wiles. You can start with a slightly longer list, see who is most receptive to your advances, and then focus your efforts on cultivating relationships with the influencers who click with you.


Anyone who’s on Tinder knows the sheer power of a cracking one-liner. The toe-curlingly cringey examples earlier are a lesson in how NOT to win someone over – but creative flattery will get you everywhere, if it’s done right.

Remember influencers are bombarded by reach outs, so if you don’t put the effort in you won’t stand out.

So get grafting!

This Postplanner article by yours truly gives you the lowdown on how to ‘seduce’ influencers.

TOP TIP: Follow your influencers on social media. Engage with their content. Share it. Add your thoughts, questions and pearls of wisdom. Share it again. Compliment them on it. Publicly adore them and make that relationship status obvious.

Stroke the ego and you might get lucky.


Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.
~ Seth Godin

Just like Tinder, influencers are doing the social equivalent of ‘swiping right or left’ on a daily basis. They’re bombarded with line after line, compliment after compliment.

Stand out! Yawn-inspiring bios and dull reach outs will get you nowhere. So reel influencers in with a good ol’ story and let your personality, and personal experiences, shine through. It will create a connection to remember.

Resonate with your audiences from an emotional standpoint and they will feel compelled to get to know what you’re all about.

TOP TIP: Not got the gift of the gab? Read some old classics, watch some of your favourite comedians in action. The key to good storytelling is reading, watching and listening to the greats. Check out these gripping storytelling podcasts.


Think of the heart-wrenching disappointment of your long-awaited date being 15 years older than the picture.

Would you feel cheated?

Likewise, transparency is key in influencer marketing. No one likes being misled.

If you merely perceive influencer marketing as a medium to sell, you’re doing it wrong. You need to be genuine about cultivating meaningful relationships.

This awesome article on Medium digs deep into keeping it real with influencer marketing.

TOP TIP: Have up-to-date profile pics and bios (depicting your true likeness/age/experience/job title etc.) – that way your influencer can check out your claims before jumping into ‘bed’ with you.

Oh – and make sure they’re consistent across all channels. A strong personal brand will get you noticed and remembered. And consistency is one of the seven keys of branding.


Don’t go in for the kill too soon.

Trying to get laid on day one will just scare them off and leave you embarrassed. Invite them to something interesting and valuable before taking the plunge. Ask them to speak at an event you’re organising, or to collaborate on a listicle with other top influencers in their sphere, like this one.

TOP TIP: Do your homework first! Make sure it’s something that they can actually gain value from. By inviting and name-dropping other top influencers they’ll be more easily swayed.


Be thankful. Don’t get what you want and disappear from their lives faster than you can say ‘Russell Brand’.

If an influencer has helped to promote your brand somehow, then reward them handsomely. With shout outs. With commission. With links to their blog and social profiles. With giveaways.

Keep that relationship going for as long as possible!

This Kissmetrics post has more pearls of wisdom on how to show your gratitude.

TOP TIP: Use a tool called Klear to make sure your precious influencer isn’t being wooed by your competition. It lets you see who they’ve been engaging with recently on social media.

A bit stalky? Maybe. But it works!

Remember, treat your influencers like the diamonds they are. But they’re only human too, despite their omnipotent, all-powerful status. Make them laugh, engage them in conversation, provide them with real value, invite them to collaborate on mutually-beneficial ventures and flirt with them shamelessly.

They’ll love you for it.

Happy flirting,

Konrad x

Want to engage, seduce and convert prospects with social media?

Download our FREE, in-depth eBook to reveal the secrets to marketing your brand through social.

Want to engage, seduce and convert prospects with social media?

Download our FREE, in-depth eBook to reveal the secrets to marketing your brand through social.

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