Attention All Copywriters, Journalists & Authors! The Secret to ‘Hypnotic’ Writing is Finally Revealed

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I’ve been to a lot of networking events recently. Mingling, chatting, coffee, beer, building connections, giving business cards, getting business cards – all that jazz.

And there are a couple of alarming realities that have come to my attention, which I’d like to share with you:

  1. Quite a lot of business owners don’t know what a copywriter is.
  2. Quite a lot of business owners don’t know why they need a copywriter.

So for those of you who fit into either or both of these 2 categories, you’re about to discover the truth about professional copywriters and the wonders we can do for your business.

And I’ve decided to reveal this truth to you using my favourite medium; the written word. Because after a couple of pints at a meetup event, it doesn’t always come out as convincingly and eloquently as I might have hoped!

And once you’ve soaked up every last word of this blog post, you’ll understand exactly why – if you want your business to succeed – you darn well need a talented copywriter!

In fact, I’m going to wait by my phone now and expect your call in about 6 minutes…Ready?


In a nutshell: A copywriter writes text (copy) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea.

  • The McDonalds slogan ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ was written by a copywriter.
  • The headlines and content of those massive billboard ads in the underground are written by copywriters.
  • The catchy content you read on the PayPal/Yahoo/Groupon/Mozilla websites was created by copywriters.
  • Web content, blogs, slogans, press releases, email campaigns, jingles, SEO articles and TV/radio commercial scripts are all skillfully written (or should be) by copywriters.
  • And a creative copy writer (like myself and all the writers in my team) is someone with the  power to write advertising copy that is incredibly unique, super creative, extra persuasive and just really, really awesome! Get the picture?


Well this is the big question. A question I’ve been asked quite a few times recently;

Why can’t you just write your own website content?

That’s what most (small) businesses are doing. After all – you know how to write English – so why fork out a couple of hundred quid when you can do it yourself?

If these are the questions you’re asking, then pause for a second. And ask yourself these other much more sensible questions instead:

Would you hire a plumber to design your website?
Or get the janitor to do your B2B sales calls?
Or employ an accountant to cater for a family wedding? (etc)


So why – if you’re not a trained copywriter – have you written or are planning to write your own website content??

You could be losing over 70% of your potential customers through poorly-written or mediocre content.

Because you’re not grabbing their attention instantly.  You’re not gripping them with every single word. And you don’t know how to use proven and tested, expert copywriting techniques and words that will persuade your customers to click the ‘BUY’ button at that very moment (or respond in whatever way you want them to).

But we do.

Successful companies will ALWAYS use a creative, professional copywriter to establish a unique, powerful brand and make it live on through every single word of advertising or marketing copy from then on.

And I’m pretty sure you want a super-successful business too, right?

We copywriters have been trained to entice, convince, grip, seduce, amaze and persuade people with words. And we have years and years of experience doing it.

So we’re better at it than you. Sorry. We just are.

No offence.
I’m sure you’re awesome at what you do.

I’m sure you have an amazing product, service or skill to offer.
But as you’re beginning to realize, it really is time you left the copy to the pros, and stopped losing masses of potential customers! And it’s time you made that decision, today.

But before we wrap things up, here’s one more question for you:

‘Why settle for a boring journalistic or corporate copywriter’?

Experienced, creative copy writers, with expert knowledge of branding and SEO – like my team and I – will write such sharp, seductive copy that customers will be drawn to you like ants to a picnic! Just check out our testimonials to see what we’ve done for clients just like you.

We can help you convert 10 times more visitors into sales!
Starting from today.

For a couple of hundred quid, don’t you think it’s a worthwhile investment?

Get in touch with us now  – before you bore off any more potential customers!


Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.


Kick-start your freelance copywriting career today with our life-changing online course.

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Konrad Sanders CEO & Lead Strategist at The Creative Copywriter
Hey you. I’m Konrad. A full-funnel content strategist and CEO with a pretty darn creative noggin on my shoulders. I run a team of word-slinging cowboys and strategists who blend science with art to help bold brands get their words right at every step of the customer journey. Which means? They sell more stuff and grow predictable revenue. Brands like AECOM, Thomson Reuters, TikTok, Panasonic, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, plus shedloads of tech scale-ups...and you? Let's connect.

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Ha ha – sorry to lead you on like that Jennifer! But hopefully you can use this copy as a prime example of hypnotic and seductive copywriting techniques. The build up, the use of words like ‘reveal’, ‘secret’, ‘discover’ etc and the story-telling were all part of what roped you in. Why not try it for yourself?

You really had me going on that one! I was actually a bit hopeful that there was something out there that could drive customers to me and make them buy my products with just the provocation of my words!

I have a similar system with my writing but there isn’t anything hypnotic about it. I treat my writing mathematically and in my head it all has to equal a certain sum or I will end up rewriting the paragraph or entire page if it doesn’t correlate.

I was really excited about this post! It’s understandable that there are many people out there who will believe in this and want it to work more than anything, but good writing is really all it takes.

To be honest, I actually guessed it after that sentence: “A reaction that would make them read on, and on and on and on… And never want to put the book (or article or sales letter) down.”, still, you had me going until the end. This is actually what I was doing to find out how long my friends could listen to my stories when they needed to be distracted. Well, great article!

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