“Only in LA” American Airlines Video Script

If the city of Los Angeles had an official motto, it might be “only in LA”.

So come along with me as we tour some of the cities’ stranger sights.

Any local will tell you that Los Angeles boasts a wealth of the bizarre, the odd ball and just plain freaky. Like the museum of Jurassic technology.

To the say the name is misleading is kind of missing the point. It’s more of an experience than an outright museum. Thinking of bringing home a souvenir? Well, that skeleton’s in a closet — you can definitely find a unique gift for that special someone.

“It’s a gift shop. It’s a little out of the ordinary in terms of its subject matter”.

Craig Harvey currently serves as chief coroner investigator and chief of operations here.

“And we get a lot of visitors that come in from you know, just about all of the other European countries. We get small busloads, tourists almost on a weekly basis here. That the coroner’s office has found a niche amongst the public the way it has, I think tells everybody a little something about how Los Angeles thinks”.

Only in LA.

Cemeteries aren’t odd per se, but hanging out at one probably is.

Welcome to Hollywood Forever. And while this isn’t the only cemetery in LA with celebrity residents, it’s probably the most famous and the biggest.

Let film historian Carrie Bible be your guide through Hollywood’s fascinating past.

“I think tourists should come here. It’s really, to me, an essential part of Los Angeles. And to me, this cemetery is so beautiful, so scenic and pure Hollywood. Los Angeles is a wonderful place for people with unusual taste or who like offbeat things. Filled with unique architecture, offbeat locations, interesting things to do and an incredibly rip sense of film history here”.

Well, that’s far from all the weirdness there is to be had in Los Angeles, but it’s a pretty good start.

After all, there are some things you can find only in LA.

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